Humanity, The Uproven Writer and other Fairie Tales

Scarlet Genesis


***Since this article’s original creation, approximately four months ago, it is with the most purest of joy in my heart and soul that I report to ya’ll that it appears the shitstorm has ended, or at least taken a hiatus…and love and light, have truly prevailed. I originally had no intention of publishing this as I never wish to fan a flame. I honestly have zero desire to recreate waves, especially now since there is peace in the valley, so to speak. Recent events of a personal and mind-blowing, positive nature have led me to the decision of pressing that publish button. Not that I wish for one moment to reopen old wounds or rehash the past, but simply because this piece is a part of my life, and for better or for worse, I will not edit my life, for it is truth, and truth is me. To those who’ve…

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