Clown Challenge- Under The Canopy By Phoenix Fiery

Spooky circus tent
What the hell time is it anyway? Lifting my head slightly from the pillow to look at the alarm clock, its soft blue glow reading 3:33am. Why am I awake now I thought, sitting up in the bed. Shadows cast from the faint glow of the clock making the reflections in the mirror opposite the end of the bed, look very haunting. The terrible feeling that I was being watched made the hair on my neck stand straight up. Glancing around slightly giggling. “I am being watched” I whispered to the room, glancing at the clown masks hanging on my walls. Currently only a dark blurs upon my walls. Giggling once again I laid back down and snuggled close to my pillow.

I hadn’t been laying on my side for 30 seconds when I caught an ever so slight movement from the corner of my eye. My heart began to pound inside my chest as I realized that there is someone in my room with me. I laid there, heart racing, trying to keep my breath steady and not scream. My head was swirling, who was in my bedroom and what do they want. Unable to see the clock wondering how much time had passed. It’s possible that this person was a figment of my imagination after all.  They hadn’t moved again and surely 5 minutes had passed by.

Pretending to relax I rolled to my other side, now facing away from the figment that my mind imagined. The dark has never been anything that I have ever felt terrified of, on the contrary it has always been a safe place for me, to hide away. Just then a rustling of movement from the back corner of the room caught my eye. Sliding my hand under my mattress oh so cautiously as to not rouse my visitor suspicions, I felt at ease as soon as I had the hard, coldness in my hand.

On high alert that my back was turned to this intruder, I slowly began turn onto my back. Not a great position to be in either, wrapped in a swaddling of sheets and blankets, with no hope for a quick escape. Shifting ever so gently the cold hard handle into my right hand, I was now on my back. With eyes only slatted I was able to see enough of the form that had come to invade my home and a very faint glint of something in his hand. Without so much as a second passing he was sitting on the end of my bed. Did he just sigh?

Opening my eyes now that his back was to me, able to see the top of his head, it was bald, There were long tufts that hung over the sides of his head and down his shoulders and he had a large collar wrapping around his neck. Without thinking I moved my leg under the covers and the movement gained my intruders attention. He was caught off guard as was I, when in a split moment, he was right on top of me, his hand on my left collar-bone. His face pressed against mine, unable to utter a word as his eyes entranced me, they had just the faintest glow of green.

Sppoky Clown

“Why did you wake, sorry to have scared you. You have never woken up before.”. His breathe smelled of peanuts and popcorn as he uttered his words. Panic began to take over as my mind no longer was able to comprehend. Slowly bringing up my hand, holding the dagger, sharp and sleek, one made for moments such as this. The strength at which he pushed against me almost took my breath. His eyes growing ever brighter as his hand grasped my face as he drew me near. “I’ve watched you every night, every day, for years I’ve just watched. Only at night I am able to manifest and I am here now. With a gift, just for you. See you had me hanging there for all the years, I’ve watched your every move perched up there and It’s now time I say…”

His face couldn’t have gotten any closer unless he was going to meld into my skin. His hand grasping so tight on my face, my lips were numb. His shoulder pushing hard into mine. I cut his words off with a quickness and a hard jab square into his throat, his eyes rolled back in his head as he began to convulse and a cold wetness spattered across my face mixing with the tears now streaming down my cheeks. His jerky movements ripped his hand from my jaw, with a loud snap inside my head a jolt of pain shot up my temple.

Watching in the darkness as his body shook and revolted against his own attempts at grasping for his throat. In horror and disbelief as his large solid body seemed to melt away. Reaching for the bedside lamp, retching at the scene that became evident to me. There, where the clown had laid was now only a mask, a ceramic mask now shattered and a ring, a sparkling yellow diamond ring. Falling to my knees I wretched and screamed as I caught a glimpse in the mirror on the wall. Dressed in tank top and shorts covered in a green goo, dagger still clutched in hand. My jaw surely broken and I became aware of the other masks covering my walls.

Clown mask

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