Fallen God, Risen Man by Richard Bell


Heresies emblazoned on the crass design to shape the world
The passionate and stoic sporting death’s profound identity
Propaganda war machines they blast the media with hate
Crimes that sicken to the core the gagged who want their speech for free

Shelter for the dispossessed are barriers round deadly chance
Bodies from the overspill of vicious wars with mixed intent
Beasts they prey upon the stark and desperate in exodus
Merciless, their terror trade is
plied by moral dissidents

In the desecrated ruins lie the effigies from history
Imprints of a culture taken out of future hands
Rivers in the streets run red from conquerors with empire minds
An end to all philosophies as fury fires the molten sands

Hope is more than comments from reactive public outrage
The world is spinning on a slant that feeds the diatribe
Ashes of a burning flag melt into clouds of anger
A fallen god and risen man now need each other to survive

Obscenity is more obtuse when those in power turn their backs
Creeping up behind are margin monsters and their creed
History is punctuated by the
grand theatricals
To prove their faith is stronger than the innocents who don’t believe

Fallen god and risen man, can there be no common ground?
Do we erase all traces and begin before belief?
Does a fundament require a sponsor to be justified?
Fallen god and risen man have both been callously deceived.

Sunrise under Mesa Arch

Sunrise under Mesa Arch

Original written work by Richard Bell

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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