Challenge Yourself Creative Writing Challenge – Haunted


Your Prompt for this Challenge:
Everyone Fears being one of the Haunted.
Write one or two paragraphs of you being haunted by the spirit of your choice…..


Haunted by Richard Bell
“The house is cold and filled with echoes without you, Ethel. We had so many years of happiness together and I always hoped we’d go together, hand in hand, in our sleep. I picked up your glass and you smiled at me but it was the stroke that made you smile, not my love for you. I feel like I’ve been scooped out like a pumpkin and I only have my reflection to talk to when I shave.
I come here every day to tidy your grave and tend to the flowers. They’re pansies, your favourites. The garden at home is stock still like the house now that you’re gone. You look like you did when we met at the tea dance, Ethel. Thank you for one last chance to tell you that I love you.
Goodbye, I’ll see you soon my darling.”



Protected by The Grue Asylum Vaults 2015

Protected by The Grue Asylum Vaults 2015



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