Dusk by Tony Norton


Driving Hard Evening Dusk
Hopelessly Chasing a Waning Sun
Hopelessly Hiding from
the Chasing Loss of You

Of Creeping Crawling
Feelings of Inevitable

Roar of Engine
Rise of Gasoline
Fear Foot Firm to the Floor
Trying to Escape
Trying to Run
Trying To Out Run
Aching Gnawing Feelings
A Deep Clawing
Of Empty Ghosts
How You Haunt Me Now

Moor after Moor
Mile after Mile
A Desolate Bleak Landscape
A Blasted Heaving Heath
Inch By Inch of Winding Twisting Tarmac
Stretching Far Far Out
To the Far Fast Future
Who Would have thought?
Empty Could Weigh So Heavy?

An Ember Glow of Charcoal Sun
A Parody of Our Dying Love
Coals and Hearts Burning – Down to Out
Irony as Our Song
Chases Me Down
Through the Airwaves
Tuning into the Heaviness of My Heart

A Point of No Return
Volume and Adrenaline Maxed
A Fervent Fever Floods
Courses Now through the Emptiest of Veins
Foot Now Fast to the Floor
Driving On
And On into the Expanding Future
Acceptance of
A Vast Future
A Lonely Future
So Empty
Without You.


Original Poetry by Tony Norton

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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