Invisible David by Richard Bell

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She played with her dolls in yard with the pentagram wind chimes that lay in the soil by the pond
From under the stink of the film stuck upon it a voice whispered to her in lullaby tones
“I am invisible David, can I be your friend and can we play inside of your home?”
Her Mum and her Dad and her brother walked onto the porch unaware they were walking on bones.
The sold sign removed and the fix up it started in earnest their dream home filled all of their days
And into the crawl space behind the dark attic was somewhere that David could take her to play.
He showed the bad place she took them so she could cut from them the pieces the demons desired
Their flesh stripped to pink bones and gnawed by the creatures who fed on hysteria horror had sired
“I am invisible David will you stay awake when your family are all sound asleep?”
With him at her shoulder she climbed from her bed and down to the kitchen she’d quietly creep
She drew from the knife block a blade that shone bright with a glimpse she could finally see David’s face
“They want you to kill them they crave it” the cold words were once warm but here an abysmal disgrace
A slow tip toe menace began up the stairs as a girl and her demon muse stalked the bare boards
With one eye in terror her brother in half-light saw two evil grinning heads curve round the door
“Carve him as you carve the pumpkin at Halloween then leave me for sleep” hissed David in glee
The deed done she slumbered as David the monster dragged entrails and bones to the porch then beneath
And hour after hour David called her to finish her family then fly back to dreams
But sunlight bring memories flooding her mind’s eye as room by room carnage rung out with screams
The sirens the doctors and CSI spectres tore the place up for the horror of grim revelations
She sat in the back of the car in a jacket with wrap around arms kept in shamed isolation
“I am invisible David I thank you for bringing my dark soul to life with a wish”
Then out of her head in an instant the same way the voices inside came now callously ditched
The hospital report said she was a psychopath that switching from child to a monster with ease
But she knew the truth it was under the water and inside the porch for a new friend to meet
“I am invisible David I’m waiting for innocence unnoticed and left by their kin”
“Or am I the urge that the hunters left with us to stalk it and kill it and take off its skin”


Original written Horror fiction by Richard Bell.

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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