Asylum Challenge- Reflections

Straight Jacket

Waking to the blaring of the alarm clock as it shouted its harsh beeps. Reaching over to quiet its obnoxious blat I noticed that the light was on in the bathroom. That’s odd, not recalling leaving it on. Everything was hazy as I prepared to start my day and shed the dew kiss of sleep. First off was coffee. This morning not unlike some, would commence with a board meeting across town and although I had plenty of time, there was always the game of chance when depending on the cab. Coffee was my first priority. Reaching in and switching off the light as I passed the bathroom, down the hall turning into the kitchen I prepared my mug of coffee. The ac unit kicked on at that particular moment, making me giggle as I swore it sounded like someone whispering.

With a half a cup of coffee in me I stepped in the shower, same routine everyday. Even the routine of washing was boring and seemed so robotic. Lathering up to wash my face the clean crisp scent was refreshing. As I let the water trickle down my face, hoping it would take a few years with it I noticed something out the corner of my eye and jumped, my heart quickened as I startled myself. Almost positive that I saw the shadow of a person in the doorway. Grabbing the towel I dried quickly and made a quick look around the apartment. It wouldn’t be easy for someone to get up. to my 33rd floor apartment, secure entrance, doorman, security guard, no way was anyone up here. I went to finish my coffee and refill it as I was going to need it. The feeling that someone behind me did not diminish, yet there was no one there.

Dressing for the day in my gray skirt suit, black heels and sapphire blue silk blouse, grabbed my briefcase and travel mug, I jumped as I felt a cold light brush across the back of my neck. Again no one was there. Having lived here for seven years and was not spooked easily, and had never had any odd experiences before. Attributing it to dreams from last nights slumber. Continuing out the door and turning right and stepping into the elevator. the world began to sway, or seemed to as I looked at the gilded mirror interior of the elevator and saw a woman with black hair standing there, her face a hidden and the nauseous feeling began to take its hold just as the door slid open and Jerry said in his cheery voice ‘good morning”.

Opening my eyes to see Jerry, the security guard standing over me, fanning me for dear life. One would have had to laugh at his exuberant behavior. “Jerry” It came out scratchy and weak as I attempted to speak. He placed his hand behind my head as the EMT’s came through the foyer doors. “Oh Miss. Gwyn, thank God you’ve come to. I was so worried when you passed out dear, bumped your noggin pretty good on the marble! The medics will take good care of you and we’ll see you back real soon.” The EMT’s already had me on the stretcher and where wheeling me out the door before I even registered what Jerry had said. “Wait, wait” I pleaded “Tell the Black haired lady I’m sorry for the scare I don’t know what’s come over me, I have a meeting that I have to be at, I fell that’s it. I’m really okay.” Being wheeled out the front door just barely able to hear Jerry tell the EMT “There wasn’t anyone else in there with her, she has hit her head badly”.

Grudge lady

“Ma’am, you have passed out and hit your head, you are bleeding from your ears we have to take you in, we’re headed to the ER, if everything checks out you can leave.” Steve or so it stated on his name tag, explained this to me in a firm, deep voice. My eyes slowly closed and I lost the world once again.


Upon opening my eyes the first thing that registered was the room, there was no window and from what I could see at first glance, no door. Just what in the hell was going on here, I fell and hit my head, this was not the local hospital or any part of it that I had seen before. the light was dull and left a lot to my imagination. Which just happened to notice someone sitting in the corner, rocking in a chair. The bed I was on was nothing more than mattresses and in my attempt to move I found that I was bound and unable to move a single muscle. What was happening?

Shouting out the person in the rocking chair “Hey, who the hell are you, you need to leave?” No answer came as panic began to overcome me as the dark shadow stood up. A door opened and a nurse came in, a man dressed in blue scrubs with a needle in his hand. A shrill scream came out of my throat as he pierced my left hip and I began to scream again the warmth from the substance in the syringe pushed like wave through me and I began to drool as I spoke.

scary ghost tv

I was yelling for him to look, look at that woman with her black hair which seemed to move all on it’s own. She was speaking in some kind of crazy jumble that sounds more like a snake. He refused to look, he always refused to look. She had the face of a devil and she never left me alone. Attempting to reach out for the nurse to turn him around with no luck at all. The nurse, Chris kept talking away, saying thing that made me wonder if he had any brain in his head at all. “You need to have some kind of answer here, Gwyn. I don’t know how much longer they will allow me to take care of you. I wish you would speak to me.” Yet he was never able to explain the bruises that appeared or the scratches only that I had hurt myself again. How can I do that I’m restrained.

“What is going on in here Chris?” A woman in a doctors coat began to inquire of the nurse. “She was screaming something about a woman with black hair and shouting vulgarities, I thought that she was going to break her ankle restraints this time.” He walked to the far end of the room, which was empty and returned to the door and conversed with the doctor some more.

My eyes were open and all I was able to see was the black-haired woman walking towards me. I began to scream and thrash. This woman was hideous and scared the piss out of me which left my gown soaked as she continued her way forward. “Doctor, she is having some kind of neural response, look at the monitor, and she has wet herself.” Nurse Chris sounded concerned. “Chris, the patient hasn’t shown any response to stimuli in 6 weeks, she has just laid there and drooled with the occasional screams. There may be something going on in her brain, but we sure can’t know what that is.” The doctor moved in close, in my mind the terrifying woman was leaning in. Lashing out, my teeth clenched and penetrated deep into the skin of her throat, a thick guttural growl escaped between my teeth now showered in blood from the doctors throat.

Blood mouth

The black-haired woman dissipated as she oozed dark stenchy goo from her throat. I saw the doctor and screamed “No, No, No.” Chris came along with several other nurses and doctor. The lady doctor was taken away. I looked at Chris and uttered “Why couldn’t you ever listen to me, I told you about the black-haired fiend?” He began to cry as he responded “Now you animate, you may have killed her and now you speak.”

Fully aware of my surroundings, as the ac unit kicked and I was well aware of that whisper it was in the corner of the room and she was coming back for me once again.

Scary woman 2

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