Martha Shamblebones by Richard Bell


Inside the wings of the blackbird at dusk
Shining eyes fangs of the funnel-web spider
Skin pummelled lizard hide stretched over bones
That brood in their frame like a gnarled eyelash viper
Martha in ramshackle hut by the highway
Makes contact with dog saints and infernal shades
In potions of scorpion, locust and beetles
Bound in the black water scooped out of graves
Chant the death rhythms in slathered grume symbols
Her monstrous desires are a psychopath’s penchant
They welcome the sparks from the witch wood dark flame licks
“Come closer you wronged child and reach in for vengeance”
Her slashed purple tongue coaxes hellish addictions
She is a fable, a Mendes goat whore
A bête noir pulled from the black bible’s verses
And each curse is bound to the eye for eye lore
The shack lies in glamour a divine dissenter
Only the deep cut of loss can locate
She broods in the rafters where light dare not enter
To channel two kingdoms from ghost to flesh state
The black water binds the three into a monster
Swilled in a rum brew and spat in the dirt
What rises is demon that knows what they came for
By claiming the spirit still fresh from the hurt
Guided by Martha who stands in the dark flames
And calls to the wretch in the language of stones
Carved by a claw in the Babylon temples
Then laid at the feet of the beast on his throne
“Begone, be bad, be bathed in the blood
Be Baphomet’s fury, be Baal’s majesty
Be base, be bellicose, bedevilled beast
Be back, be bereaver, beholden to me”
Bent up and folded the red sky sits leering
As hours they butcher the night for the sun
The dark flames extinguished by agonised screams
The soul has been taken the deed has been done
Into the desert go wandering husks
Avenged and then emptied by Martha’s deceit
Like Babylon temple stones
The witch they call Shamblebones
Trading culled souls to sit at Baal’s feet.


Original Poetry by Richard Bell

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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