Together Forever by Tony Norton


Your Cruel kiss
Told Me it was Over
A Stinging Single Barb of Indifference
Inducing a tinnitus of
Wringing Mental Anguish
Of Vehement Preaching Denial
Not daring…not wanting to believe..
Not accepting
Us …Halved
In Darkness
Fog Cloud of Doubt
Comes Creeping over My Fragile Mind
Every thought Occupied … by You
Intoxicated by the absence of You…
In Dreams..
I peer into Your hollow eyes
In nightmares so real
Devoid of feelings
Feelings once abundant
Once Teeming with love
Love once in the light.
No longer there…
Without You
Lonely and Dark
Selfishly I knew…
You had all but gone…
And then the Voice…
The Voice of Green Eyed Love
Told Me
It told Me that something as beautiful as You
Could not be given away
I could not lose You
I prayed…..
I prayed …that there was another way…
That I could make You Love Me again under the Sun
But the Voice
It Knew the truth
The Voice
Calm, collected, reasoning gave me all the variables, all the possible algorithms.
Always Arriving at the same Conclusion
In Emerald Hues
You were mine to take in shades of Green.


So my Dearest Darling, know this.
No one could love You like I loved You.
Like I love You
Now on this Samhain Eve, I bear witness to fates path.
I am here to do the bidding of True Love’s Voice.
It tells me, We should be… together
I cannot be this world without You
You are the air I breath
The flooding blood in my veins, the hope in my soul.
Hopeless without You.
On this Samhain, Your Swan like neck I do cut.
Jugular and Carotid, left and right,
You and Me – We are meant to be
I want our Crimson Tide Passage to be swift.
I’ll meet You on the other side.
Now at this Witching Hour the time is Liminal
We are both just a few heartbeats away from Eternity
From Eternal Love
I Love You


Original written poetry by Tony Norton

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015



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