Possession (challenge) by Christy Evans

image  When you’ve released yourself from a person that would destroy your whole being, the sum of the weight of toxic poison being lifted from your soul feels like a pressure valve finally loosening. That person is like an unwanted attachment, a possession of sorts. They want to feed off of your energy by bringing negativity to every aspect of your being. They would suck you dry down to the core of your bones, licking each finger of your marrow with a slight smirk on their face ever so disturbing. They have a multitude of faces, a sort of changing of personalities. But still their goal remains the same. The goal is to drain the purest soul. It finds its weakness and uses it to bring them to the lowest point. This is where it starts its work. Finally when you make the choice to cleanse yourself of this emotional vampire the feeling of enlightenment occurs. Realizing you are done being the feast of such an evil presence; You take whatever’s left of your plate of bones and let this three-headed dog realize there is no meal left for them to pick through. As you watch this entity angrily move on to the others around you, you wonder when these people will finally stop letting this evil posses them. They laugh at you like they’ve found something great. But you know the routine the manipulation, the moment of attachment. You know what is coming to them.


Heck you’ve even tried to warn them but they do not see it yet. You feel like you’re the good guy in a horror movie that tries to tell everyone in town the truth of this evil and you’re the one who ends up in the straight jacket in a padded room waiting for them to realize you were right this whole time. You sit back and all you can do is hope for these people who would laugh at your new-found freedom to finally find theirs and release the demon who will suck their soul down to their very bones licking each finger of their marrow with that disturbing smirk. Until then you just sit back and wait. You know that moment, the I tried to warn you moment you know will come. But by then it will be too late for those souls. They can laugh at you now but there will be a moment of clarity for them and they will be the ones crying the once river of tears you’ve left behind. All you can do is try not to say I told you so, but that satisfaction is one to hard to resist.



Original written work by Christy Evans


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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