Queen of the Darkness by Tony Norton

Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean

Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean

Drowning in a Sea
Of Perpetual Motion
Moving Waves of Darkness
Are Alive
All Enveloping
A Constriction
It Cloaks
It Suffocates
Thieves Air
on the Fathoms Of the
Deep Decadent Darkness
So Vast …..
Exponential Expanse of Void
Hauntingly Vacant
Souless Black Canvas
of Nevertheless Blackness

Out of the nothingness
Crossing the Veil
Incantations flash
In Branded Black
Ancient Signs
Summon Her Majesty
Queen of the Darkness,
An Apparition Appears
Beautiful and Black
Keeper of Hearts
Commands ….
Samurai Strokes
Purposeful Charcoal Strokes
Angrily Hand driven,
Commanding strokes,
Portraying , drawing on the canvas of the Black Bastard Blanket
Conducts the Dark
In Virtuoso
A Maelstrom Symphony of Sadness
Magnus Opus of the Hopeless
With a Pitiful Pallet of Sorrow
She Paints,
with every shade of black
Brushstrokes saturated with dark
Swatches swathed with despair
Every colour of misery
Of a Nihilistic purity
Your Soul cannot escape
Her commands
Mother of Maudlin Souls
Midwife of Shadows
She holds The Darkness
It Clings To Her Black Bosom
Sickly Suckling
She Moves the Darkness
In tandem…..
It saturates your soul
Waves over your hope
Haunting Dark Eyes
Cannot be escaped
Once You’ve gazed upon the Night
Once you have tasted the Darkness
You belong to Her
You belong to the Dark
You belong to the Night
You belong
to the Queen of Darkness
She owns the Dark
She owns Your Soul
She owns You

Queen of Air and Darkness by niko2137

Queen of Air and Darkness by niko2137

Original written work by Tony Norton

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**

***Featured Image belongs to and was created by The world is mine by ParalyzingLove/ dith-dw.deviantart.com ***



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