Run by Tony Norton

Forest Spirit by FilipeHattori .

Forest Spirit by FilipeHattori

How they pass by so quickly
I grow weary of Eternity
I live Forever

I am the Spirit of Forest
I feel its bleeding beating heart
Rhythmically in Sync with mine
We are ONE
Hear me –
in the still of silence
I echo through valleys of creaking pregnant pines
Our frequencies are ONE
Smell me-
I am in the scented sweet sickly sap
that bleeds from the scratched bark
Our scent’s – ONE
Demon Piercing Howls
They reverberate
transcending vibrational bonds
Connecting us to the spirit world
Oh Gitchie Manitou –
I pray –
Grant my passage between our dimensions
That I may cross
To this world
To do your bidding
Let my hot billowing breath
Cloud the cold crisp air
Let me anoint this realm
Weak Man
you will…
Bow in AWE of My Powerful Jaw
for the burden of justice has been bestowed upon me
I am lycanthropus
I am the bringer of truth
I see through your transparent soul
Black Crystal Purity
He Has Bestowed on Me
I am the bastard child of the darkness
soak into the darkness
Drench in the shifting shadows of the night
I come to you
in the shafts of silvery lunar moonlight
We are Children of the Moon
Stare into my cold cobalt blue eyes
And know this –
You are mine…..
I am a manifestation of Nature
I am human, I am beast
We two are ONE…
I am a Remembrance from your God
That wandering souls get lost to the darkness
That Natures spirit lives
I am the Lord of all Midnight souls
I take You
I take Your throat
I take Your sex
I take Your sweet lifeblood
I take all of You
I damn Your soul
I condemn You to the endless night
Exalt Me
I am Wolf
You will join Me
Let My howls
Haunt Your dreams
My music plays in Your screams
Run Wild
Run Rampant
Run Free


Featured image by Rafunsel  Jul 12, 2013 Hobbyist Digital Artist

Original written work by Tony Norton

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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