Bared Teeth By Richard Bell


Watch this, you won’t believe it, another obscene thing to view
Leave your morals in your pockets
Where your hands are firmly glued
See the horror as it unfolds
Closed captioning the pain
Feign disgust and fake revulsion
There are thousands just the same
Life is cheap in twenty seconds
Life is one trite line of grief
Life has no depth only band width
Clench your fist and bare your teeth
Drive past carnage with a camera
Take a Selfie with a corpse
Hijack pleas with soulless venom
Use all caps to exert force
See the monsters in their face masks
Making legends out of fiends
Breeding bug-eyed and desensitized
Leeches sucking on their screens
Life is crass in ‘rate my shit’ land
Life is targeted beliefs
Life has barbs and jagged edges
Clench your fist and bare your teeth
God is not here today
He is in the palms of charlatans
Why not try the other way?
The Black goat and his red shill plans
Look at the mess we made
It is scattered by the barreling winds
What can be worse than, say,
A child of war collecting up its skin?
Or starved to bones and paper-thin
And worse still subject to vile spin
The open arms of death is their chagrin
Like – A fight that took a life
Like – A mask and bloody knife
Like – The bone destroying stunt
Like – A bomb that takes out c**ts
Like – The urban legend tales
Like – The endless f**king fails
Like – It all looks very real
but I can’t connect or feel the awful pain, the aftermath
The terabytes of terror, frights
This space I float around in
Is so vast.
See this, you won’t believe your eyes, gruesome and disgusting
All hail the hoaxes and the troll spats and the bitch face resting
The sewage flows at break neck speed and endless with a crust of memes
The traffic breathes the stench through vents and virals course inside the steam
Life is dragged behind wild horses
Life through lenses blackened wreaths
Life is scalds from boiling anger
Clench your fist and bare your teeth.
The cornered tiger snarls at hunters
Defiant before death’s release
The savage and the beautiful
Clench their fists and bare their teeth.

horror film 'Teeth & Blood,

horror film ‘Teeth & Blood

Original written work of Richard Bell aka Rick Nightmare

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Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015



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