The Gun Went Bang by The Freewill Writers Asylum


The Gun went bang!

The bullet ricocheted off

the bedside table lamp

and into the intruder

who doubled over screaming

and fell into the

churning hot tub, screaming,

ripping off a limb

and smashing his teeth

creating a bloody cauldron

perfect for vampire’s lust.

The hit man disappeared

in the mirrors reflected

the shadow man loomed

look of impending doom

as the team gathered

a car fled the

scene, screeching it’s tires,

throwing stones, tailights ablaze

hit detective McDonald in

hip and sent her

flying to the ground.

Investigator Gibson fired

in the general direction

Piercing the rear left

tire, car lost control

Detective McDonald crawled slowly

nearer the steep embankment

reaching for something shiny

Digits extended he grasps…

Pain ensues, it’s now

He smells coppery tang

the others gather round

watching his life diminish.

Investigator Gibson reaches in

and checks his pulse

weak, the team rises

his wrist festers exuberantly

each members strength in

togetherness brings hope to

detective McDonald’s desperate survival.

The hunt is on

the vampires are still

Ready to devour with

their erotic, tantalizing glaze

compulsion is a must

but Desire is stronger.

Blood free to drain

We won’t give up

until the next time

we will meet again.


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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