Blood Quest

Moonlight windowThe feeling of wet hair falling over my neck, the entire front of me drenched as I stand here in the dark, only a slight gleam from the silvery glow of the moon shining through the window pane. Unaware of why I was standing here, soaked to the skin and where was I as the orientation of my current placement was not even so much as a memory.

Unable to see much of my surroundings,  giving it a good try to remember what had happened and come up empty. Slowly turning and walking towards the window, carrying myself on weighted legs so it seemed. Sliding the curtain back a break in the darkness and a gasp escaped my lips.

Everything was covered in a dark substance. On the floor the outline of a mass and in my left hand I still carried something. Shivers began to creep down my spine as my knees began to waver. In the moonlight my eyes began to focus and the realization that this was a bedroom and I was standing here naked covered in a dark liquid and in one hand something soft and wet. The search ensued to locate a lamp with dire urgency and figure out where I was, exactly.

FAKE BLOOD Dripping Hand

Stumbling across the room, bare feet slipping on the hard, wet floor. A surge of pain tore through me as I bit my lip attempting to keep upright. Whatever had exploded and showered this room was sticky and severely slick. Dropping what was clenched in my hand, I ran my fingers along the wall, hoping for a switch.

What was the last thing that I remember? My head was filled with darkness and nothing came immediately to mind. What was I doing, who was I with? Why couldn’t I remember. The tips of my fingers ceaselessly searching. A flash in front of my eyes,  a dinner party, I had gone to a dinner party. In the Avery mansion with, with, I went with no one. The car came for me and carried me out to the mansion.

Where were my shoes, my purse, my dress? Just what had happened tonight anyway. Had I been ruffied? Slowly slumping to the floor as a shock came over me that in all these years that I must have been drugged. So cold, beginning to shiver either from being so scared of not knowing or the fact that I felt like ice, pure and slick and frozen. Seated on the floor, eyes gazing about clouds must have covered the moonlight as the illumination in the room had dimmed and was hardly noticeable at all. There it was, the bedside lamp.


Everything was moving so slow my vision clouded and my entire being felt as if I was moving a solid block of ice. How many minutes had passed as I sat slumped against the wall? The searing pain that stabbed up from my belly as I stood came out of my throat as a curdled scream, surely someone heard me. It was mere feet away, but every inch felt like a mile and with a sense of urgency gnawing inside of me there was no choice but to move.

I reached the bed, sat down hard and realized that I indeed was freezing. Whatever was in my drink was working a hard fast number on my inside and out. Had I been poisoned? Now I knew these people, most of them. The pain inside my stomach tore through my core violently, forcing me back on the bed as I screamed a shrieking howl formed seeming to go on for hours. Laying there looking at the ceiling I had to move something was pushing the matter, it felt like a frantic panic to hurry.

Sitting up every bone cracked and muscles seemed to creak. As the tops of my fingers gripped the lamp switch and the light blaired belligerently in my eyes, blinding me. Everything went white and my face was burning. Shielding my eyes with my hands I began to survey the room. There was a large mirror on the other end of the room near the window. As color swam back into my vision all there was to see was brown, no it was red, everything was red.

Bleeding walls

The large canopy bed was covered in red and the far end was soaked in it. Leaning forward, crawling to the other side and peering over the edge the sight that awaited me filled me with emptiness. Nothing there was nothing there, no cringing, no need to vomit nothing. Staring at the lifeless lump that lay curled in a pile, wait there were two. Now that I was able to focus, I saw the woman slumped on the chaise in the reading nook, there was no blood near her.

An on looker would have seen that at the exact moment the scene struck my eyes, my tongue graced my lips with a hungry need. The noise that came from deep inside my core was one of hunger and pride. The man splayed out on the floor lie in a pool of blood, the skin from his throat had been shredded away, a huge gaping hole was ripped in the middle of his chest. I remembered now, he had jumped from the bed in a hurry as I stood over them. He tried to save them. My teeth pierced his throat with a hungry lust ripping his flesh as I consumed his blood. Punching my fist through his chest I had grabbed his heart, feed on that until its last weak little pulse.

Sick man

Stepping down from the bedside, gliding towards the woman and the mirror on the wall. The wetness that had covered me was garnet red, now dried covering every inch down the front of me. There was no feeling of panic, no feeling of dread, I should have been shocked or sick as the sight that was before me and there was nothingness, nothing but coldness.

Blood mouth

The woman looked as though she was sleeping. Only the small marks on her lips and throat would have led anyone to think differently. Her skin was pale and she was not breathing. The memory came back to me just then, she had gotten out of the bed, naked and warm. She had been panicked yet she was easy to lure, deviant creature filled with lust. It was easy to kiss her lips, she was almost begging as I punctured her lower lip in her first kiss and the taste of her mineral rich blood. She enjoyed it, even licked at her own blood as it ran into my mouth. Her last breath was in pleasure or so under veil of trance so it seemed. There was no need to hear her, feel her, as there was an innate knowledge and a scent of emptiness that confirmed it. The mirror stood directly opposite me as I stood there, not ready to look. I had to look a fright I was certain of it.

ripped out heart

I glanced back to the bedroom area, drawn by a smell, metallic and sweet, feeling my lips twitch and nostrils flare the sound of laughter struck me, until I realized that it had been coming from me. Turning my eyes to the mirror now and in the reflection, the truth was all there was to see. The woman in the chaise in her endless sleep, the book cases behind her and not one sign of me. Lifting my hand to see nothing reflecting back at me.

His voice preceded him in a wave, soothing and strong. No recollection of him entering the room. He stood there, a strong smirk on his face one finger across his lips. His large eyes reeled me in as his other hand reached out for me and the curtains billowed in the non-existent breeze as he beckoned to me. The hands of my heart gripped tight to my soul he says “Quickly it’s time now to go, Oh I’ve missed you so” with the strength in his alluring smile, the emerging daylight just catching the sharpness within his grin.

Scary man

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