A Soul To Share- Rantings of a Restless Pt. 2

Restless Soul

When the wheels begin to turn, for some more often and consistent for some than for others. Mine happens to be the former and because of that, rest is at times a battle. Isn’t amazing the interesting things that come out of nowhere, just bam and there it is right out of thin air.

I have a pretty wild imagination and I must say there is not one ounce of me that is afraid to use it. Lately, I have been catching myself daydreaming and smiling from ear to ear, having forgotten how that feels and although I generally laugh often, sometimes I am guilty of forgetting my smile.

Through all the turmoil, every struggle, challenge and battle even within ourselves there has to be a purge. The casting out of the negative and the refueling of the positive, the child like carefree spirit that helps us to remember what things are truly important.


My barriers have fueled my soul, making it so that it’s no longer an overcoming, instead, I’ve learned to latch onto that wave and ride it right through the storm, smiling while enjoying the ride. It’s easy to lose yourself and so easy to let the harshness envelope you.

Knowing that there are more people chasing glitter and losing the diamond. So many diamonds never have a chance to shine, let alone a chance to see their true value. So in a world that keeps encouraging an image of perfection. By all means, I have no sound definition of the word perfection as I was taught to live outside the boundaries of that detrimental word.


The cracks are where I’ve been broken and the gold has filled them anew, making it stronger to carry me through. All the colors represent something to me, laughter, joy, excitement, and pain. It was upon the realization the ability to strengthen oneself has always been there.

That’s when the memories came flooding back in and a little girl was sitting on her daddy’s knee telling him how she would have a house of daisies and would fly around in bubbles, she would talk to caterpillars and she would ride on the backs of dragonflies, flowers would talk and superheroes were definitely real. The world was full of wonder and possibility. Still believing in mystery and heart-felt charisma. Happiness is where the key lies.


In a moment of wanting to share something other than the same old pics I remembered how important imagination was, how to have that same happiness and carefree soul and it has been right here inside one’s soul, you just have to know how to reclaim it. Deciding I don’t want a bunch of what if’s and if only’s in my life, this soul feels pretty damn nice with its cracks and empty holes and the wonderful thing is, there is so much left I have yet to find to fill its space.

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