Horror Parade by Richard Bell

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Gathering crowds
in orange and black
Clutching their lanterns
Devilish handsome
Autumnal red smear, a carpet
for nightmares
Staring like Myers
Smiling like Manson

Through Hammer film mist swirls
The fearful tunes crawl
Off key descending
Suspense is mind-bending
The dark veil is ripped
By the flagship of floats
Silver screen monsters and
Scream queens for hosts

Sugar skull zombies girls
Chainsaw freak roaring boys
Pumpkin spiced everything
This is my anti Spring
Next through the pea soup fog
Space monster scares
From beyond furthest reaches
of deep dark despair

The crowds in their costumes
Of every dark character
The ring of the theatre screams
Rise from the horror fiends
Ticker tape bloody shreds
Demonic rain
Sky scraping towers
Are piles of the slain

Another ship sails through
The silent hill mist
Beasts that are giant-sized
Infested child, exorcised
Son of the devil and vampiric hordes
An ape and a monster fish
Mars and Earth wars

The horror parade with its floats of pure terror
Creations from minds that push past boundaries
Decades of madness and mayhem and blood
Saluting a genre of freak show born reverie

Slashers and stalkers
Lithe spider walkers
Transforming melting skin
Out of a dark place grin
Zombie walk shuffle
Demons with sparks
Bullets of silver
Stakes through the heart
Ghost face unhinged bored teens
Hockey mask brutes
Nightmares with finger knives
Killer tree roots
Spirits from videos
Dark viral feed
Ouija board deadly games
Mirrors and bees
Lunatic shrinks
Journeys to hell
Bloodbaths and torture
Deep woods dark spells
Cannibal families
Virulent strains
Spirit filled homes
Life and death games
Effigies hung from trees
Soulless cloned pods
Changelings and strange things
and made in a lab
Gore hounds and ghost heads
Madmen in mazes
Tricks for the popcorn treats
Convention crazies

Sail through the ages of our love affair
With horror,
the genre,
the thrill of the scare.




Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015


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