The Keeper of Perdition by Brandon Ryals


As I close my eyes to the coming of the dawn
The winds whisper your name to me
My mind fills with visions of my goddess
So beautiful bathed in darkness

Sitting alone I hold the key close to my heart
Disbelief tries vainly to take hold
Yet in my heart I know the truth of what I saw
The proof lays before me in silent slumber

the memories of the night seem such a mess
Fragments of a dream yet I know it to be true
it must be as I reach out to take her hand
memories unfold in my mind finally the truth

Sitting alone I listening to the oceans roar
lost in the tranquilly of the moment
The last moments as the sun falls away
When the water is ablaze with the final fire

Soon the night will come bring the ethereal
A phantom smile on the horizon glows silver
heralding the arrival of the midnight sun
The world below bathed in moonlight

this is the night when the nightmare ends
A distant storm heralds my end of days
So beautiful the coming oblivion
If only I knew how wrong I was so foolish

She watches me from afar cautiously
Her eyes burn with hellfire in the darkness
silently she moves like a wraith
Caution has given way to curiosity

Sitting within the shadows she watches
so cold the night air-filled with sadness
this mortal before her so fragile
The pain of heartache shows in his eyes

Rain falls unnoticed as she moves closer
So curios this creature before her
Stopping mere feet away she lays before him
So close now to taste the bitter-sweet tears

Thunder rumbles as the storm rages stronger
She almost misses the blade before him
Lightning tears the heavens above
reflecting upon the razors edge

The realization becomes all to clear
As he rises the blade in hand
Drunk with sorrow and despair
He raises his hands to the heavens

So cold the rain upon my face
A vain attempt to wash away my tears
Soon enough I will embrace the darkness
Surrendering my soul the keeper of perdition

So tired of this burden on my heart
The pain that has racked my soul
I smile in the face of the storm
Knowing my journey is at its end

so cold the blade in my hand as I stand
Angels tears wash over my face
The sorrow and anguish take hold
As I raise my hands to the heavens

Without hesitation she moves forward
knocking the knife from his grasp
Knowing now why she was led here
Smiling at the wisdom of her dark father

So cold the hand that grasps my arm
As I cry out in surprise and shock
The blade knocked from my hand
As I stare into the face of the goddess

So fierce the eyes that bore into my soul
The strength of her grip keeps me from falling
I’m unable to resist as she pulls me closer
Sweet is the rain on lips that brush mine

All around me the.tempest rages
Yet I am lost to the creature before me
So beautiful darkly enchanting this goddess
Could this be my salvation from perdition

She stares into eyes full of pain
Gently pulling him closer into her embrace
Her kiss so soft sweetened with drops of rain
There is no fear only resignation in his eyes

Together they stand lost within the storm
the gods unleash a hurricane upon them
Yet for all their might and power of rage
All he sees is the dark and beautiful goddess

Reaching out she takes his hand in hers
pulling him into the protection of her embrace
So warm his breath on her shoulder
tranquil is the beating of his mortal heart

a smile upon his face as he realizes the truth
Together they leave the fury of the storm
Laying together to await the coming dawn
To begin their journey through time.

Aphrodite (Venus) Greek Goddess - Art Picture by Isikol

Aphrodite (Venus) Greek Goddess – Art Picture by Isikol

Original written work of Brandon Ryals



Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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