The Pleasure of Pain by Brandon Ryals

Intenebris x Stanislav Krawczyk "PAIN" Ring on model Linnea Thomasia

Intenebris x Stanislav Krawczyk “PAIN” Ring on model Linnea Thomasia

So subtle, the touch upon my hand

A secretive glance beckons me to follow

Watching in silent contemplation as she disappears swallowed by the darkness

Looking around the darkness seems alive shadows move closer ever-expanding

Reaching for me fighting to take hold

They move around me a stygian sea full of mysteries overflowing with wonders

It is then I feel her touch upon my cheek

So soft so gentle is her caress

The beating of my heart is all I hear until she speaks

Warm is her breath upon the back of my neck

She speaks of love and forbidden passion

Visions of carnal desire fill my mind as her hands wander across my chest

Close your eyes my love place your trust in me she says as her lips brush my throat

A sigh escapes from me as I give in to her seductions

So cold the blade that slides into my flesh

Never has the sensation of pain been this exquisite this intoxicating

I cannot help but smile as her tongue runs the length of the wound

A gasp as she partakes of my flesh takes my sacrament

Gently she lays the blade upon my chest open your eyes see me for who

I truly am

It is then that she reveals her true nature, that the demon is freed upon this world

Her eyes burn in the darkness smouldering with forbidden passions

Hair falls around her face a waterfall of living darkness

so beautiful the fallen one so deliciously wicked

Taking her hand I pull her close softly my lips brush hers

The metallic taste of my flesh still lingers

Intoxicated by this creature before me that gives herself to me

surrendering to my darkest desires.


Original written work of Brandon Ryals



Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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