The Water’s Edge


I sat by the water’s edge

all I could hear was the water

flowing in a graceful trickle

I was at peace that day.

The gentle breeze danced on my skin

as it caused tiny little ripples

it was pleasing, so pleasing I dipped my feet in off the end of the dock.

As I sat there gazing out across the water I started to wonder…..

What legacy shall we leave behind for younger generation as they find their way here.


The water is peaceful

so we shall leave peace

The water is calm

so we shall guide them to calmer days

The water is clear

so we shall leave them with clear thoughts of who they want to be

and make sure they don’t become muddled in who others want them to be.

The water makes us tingle

washes us clean

it removes the smoggy film from our eyes so that we may see truth

it lifts our spirits from dark shadows that want to hold us back.

Our legacy is here to make sure that every budding child who wants to write out their dreams as they see them, the way they want the world to see them, raw and real, not altered by another who distorts their visions.

Our legacy is to have the new step forward, learn from the old

thrive and leave as many rose petals as they can on the footpath.

Generation after generation will find their way to the water’s edge and like you and I, the birth of each pen will spill forth and flow always keeping the waterfalls flowing

and when the rains come the rivers will rise and the quills will dance.

Our legacy will never see death or its demise

because the words will always flow

An eternity of creativity will light up the night sky like fire flies

and they will dance.




Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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