Nesta Scrudge by Richard Bell


Nesta Scrudge was ancient
Skin like sludge and sun-baked fudge
She shambled on her veiny legs and muttered ‘neath death breath

Nesta was a foundling
Left in a bag with booze soaked rags
She only knew donated love
and contact from a wicker cane

Nesta lived a road life
From army to a leathered carnie
She rode the ghost train bumper
And lost her heart to scares

When the rolling funnel clouds
Made sunder her spooky wonder
She landed in an open field
Surrounded by her terror props

With the takings from the summer months
She bought the land, spat on her hands
And built herself a palace
From her dire imagination

The bumper cars were clown cars
Beef-heart red and living dead
They’d drive into a ghost town
Where the monsters lay in wait

Creatures fashioned from the corn
A pig’s blood rain in the house of pain
The demons and demented folk
And limbless laughing gorks

Word soon spread of this bazaar
A haunted land in hell’s command
She packed it full of horrors
And twisted nightmare fuel

Pitch black run-throughs chased by psychos
Asylum surgeries and cells
Vampire towers, werewolf woods
The circles into Dante’s hell
The hungry for live flesh deceased
The unhinged and the saw blade freaks
The dollies and the puppet scares
The whispered pleas to murder shrieks

Nesta saw each sunrise burst
As people fled their wallets bled
Her vision promised complete satisfaction
Nesta Scrudge, the mother of the famous haunt attraction.

Meg Muckel Bones. Swamp hag

Meg Muckel Bones. Swamp hag

Original written work by Richard Bell aka @rick_nightmare


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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