One-Saint-Rant by Deanna Bolinger


First off, thanks Duff for creatin’ the brothers, And Rocco, Duffy Doc, and the others.

But nice is over cuz I’m pretty pissed!

As well as some others, our Saints have been dissed!

Did u not have the balls to tell us yourself?

You planned to put our Saints on a shelf?

Guess then you couldn’t ask us fans for our dough,

Cuz why would we pay for your TV show!

So now I’m taking your ass back to school.

Ahem, here goes


I know, you know,  what I’m talking about.

Sean and Norm, in case you had any doubt.

Norman Reedus & Sean Patrick Flanery

Only they are the Saints, and you know it’s the truth.

Replacing those two would just be uncouth.

                  Sean Patrick Flanery & Norman Reedus

So, now I’m starting to wonder if you’ve gone insane. 

Or perhaps Norman’s zombies have eaten your brain. 

Did it just quit working?

Did it run outta gas?

I know!

Sean’s death worms scared your brain out your ass!

You know us Saints fans made you what you are.

We sat your ass in that shiny new car!

Gave your movies cult status, made them a hit.

Without the brothers and us, you wouldn’t be shit!

Now, Saints fans are global, we’re in every region!

Guess what you wad?

WE are the damn LEGION!!!

And yes the LEGION’S a die-hard bunch.

And, we don’t give a fuck bout your “corporate  lunch!”

You toss us aside for the love of a buck?

You’ve gone and sold out you ass-hatted shmuck!

Don’t try to play even one of their fans for a sap.

Spend your own damn money producing your crap!

Fund your movie as well, you ain’t getting a dime. 

Hell, handing you a nickel would be a damn crime!

Unless it paid you to talk.

Just who did you hire?

Who’s replacing the guys who set this fandom on fire?!?

Ain’t a fucker alive who could fill those shoes.

Just like no real Saints fan will be paying your dues.

So, when your movie’s a flop and your money’s all spent,

Don’t come crying to us, go live in a tent!

It was you who fucked up, not one fan can be blamed.

You listened to your peers, ain’t you ashamed?

Don’t forget it was you who drug your ass thru the mud!

Who you think’s gonna pay to watch that damn crud?!?

Not one true blue fan would hand a penny to you!

Especially now that you’ve shown us just how bad you need TWO!

           Deanna Bolinger, the filterless, fearless, fed up fan.


Original written work of DeAnna Bolinger 2017

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults 2017

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