Solitutde by Cheri Pennell


Solitude no longer beckons
it is now just a place to call home
Memories on flash forward
into the dark kingdom I roam

There are no words
meaningless or true
No deep passing glances
at least not from you


No smiles nor hugs
I miss the empty caress
No warm embrace
to take away my shallow breath

No hope. No love.
No change. No faith.
No sound. No touch.
No pain to replace.

Sadness by ~Colombina on deviantART

Sadness by ~Colombina on deviantART

It is a stagnant wasteland
full of torment and intricate lies
Sinking fast in quicksand
worms overflow my mouth and eyes

If I had the courage
If I had the strength
I would reach out
and release the floodgate


I would grab your hand
to taste the sweet mercy
of saving grace
To smell freedom
To finish the race

But I have become
Deaf to the call
I silenced it all
I silenced it all
in solitude


Original written work by Cheri Pennell


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Dead Moon Rising by The Freewill Writers


Blood encrusted lips

that’s not coffee

 in my cup

 warm crimson liquid

 down my gullet

 satisfies my thirst
 strengthening every cell
 rejuvenating our souls
 liquid life innate
dead moon rising
across barren remains
the souls released
brain popping awesomeness
filtered gnarly atmosphere
rusty razors drip
from ensnared lips
inside gothic crypts
blood-sauce covered walls
ancient horror crawls
screeching hollow calls
the poetry enthralls
Catharsis smashes through
So much poo
what to do
zerberts to you
and they screamed
many foul things
for fucks sake
opening hell’s gate
the blood gushed
soft organs squished
between giant claws
skulls caved in

like immortal sin

I shall begin
sucking your souls
with rancid repugnance
until then end
succumb to darkness
retreat from shame
broken and maimed
all souls pained
life’s elixir drained
soothed savage brain
teeth clenched, untamed
kindred spirits stained
strength yet remained
inner peace ingrained

the stake reclaimed

Devil surely shamed

the Freewill Writers reign





Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Challenge Yourself Weekend – Caged


Your prompt is “Caged”
any way you see it.
Any way you feel it.
A verse
A poem
A short story,Let ur rip

Slipped in by Doug

A Caged Woman by Cheri Parnnell

Beat down and trained
You no longer had to force me
into your unforgiving cage
You trapped me intellectually
and fed my hungry trusting heart
I let you peek inside of my soul
and you merged with my mind
Then the starving began and
I was slowly backed up into a corner
As you let your other ravenous pets draw blood
and tear my loyal skin apart


Caged Woman

Caged by Richard Bell

Pacing my well-worn track
Perimeter prowl
Days watched by countless eyes
Mocking my growl
Under my boiling skin
Rank indignation
Fuelled by the unimpressed
CGI nation
Take down these bars and I’ll show you the beast
Run in your panicked state
Sweeten my feast
Shred your fat paper skin
Chew through your flesh
Inside this cage this king
Dreams of your death
My camouflage in my wild world
Is unseen
My pounce it outpaces
Your guttural scream
Walking this cage when my world
Should be miles
Poached as a kitten
and sold with a smile
Inside my cage I am neutered
Outside these bars
You are caught then you’re mine
Inside this cage
I am less than adored
I am pictures and masks and a
Drink with a straw
Over the bars of this cage
I am free
They run behind locked doors
They climb into trees
I’m not like those fuckers that murder in sprees
I hunt and I kill only just
What I need
Over the bars of this cage
I am king
Without their vile weapons
They’re wasps without stings
Outside I’m a monster
Inside I’m a toy
Outside I’m ferocious
Inside I’m annoyed
Cages are snapshots
They’re spirit constraints
The mighty imprisoned
And fade to a faint
This isn’t a home for a beast
So revered
My natural stripes behind bars
Less than feared
Cages show monsters
And carnival freaks
The aberrant species
With jaws and with beaks
Cages dividing the kill
And be killed
The deadly crave freedom
For theirs is free will.



Caged I be by Deno Sandz

In a void of hunger
Hungry I be, Deno Sandz
In Life’s fictional paradox
Caged I welcome
For I am alone
Caged freedom
Key unlocked
My mind is CAGED



Caged, Set Yourself Free by Quintessence

 Straight Jacket


Writers live many lives, become many characters and occasionally, have conversations with themselves until the wee hours of dawn.

During creative times writers sometimes look for and need encouragement. But there are some who, while they think are providing encouragement, actually try to cage the writer and guide them to write things they aren’t comfortable with.  I’ve seen this happen to many a fellow writer.  It’s a sad fact, it happens and for whatever reason these so-called guides become controllers and cause the writer un-do stress and the writer can become unsure of themselves, question their own work or even give up writing altogether.

These types of “guides” are not doing the writer any favours by burrowing inside the writers grey matter and manipulating them.  Things like this are done out of jealousy, control and spite.  It is purely a cruel act, especially when one becomes part of a group of writers.  Never should one be told that they are to only exclusively writing “for the group”.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you this, nor should you ever let anyone tell you what to write about or how to write it.  Allowing others to control your flow does not allow the natural creative flow of your quill come from within you.

Know that you are a free spirit and what you produce is beautiful if it pleases you.  If you are happy with what you produce then you are set free from the confines of the cage they try to keep you in.  Allowing natural flow provides you freedom and in some cases healing.

Not everyone writes to become rich and famous.  Many of us write as a form of self-therapy and through our own bravery decided to share via Social Media.  Thus connections are formed.  Touch just one soul with any piece of your work and the rewards are endless.

When you allow others to manipulate what you are writing, the style you are writing it in and how you present it, you lose a part of yourself and you lose free flow in your own creative senses.  Let your writing come from within your soul.  It’s a beautiful thing and there are many of us out there who are perfectly willing to read and share your work as you present it to the world.  Free of the cage, free of restraints, free of scrutiny and free of the sordid bullshit some would try to pull on you.

I’ve seen some pretty manipulative folk in my forty-six years and one thing I know with all certainty is that a leopard will never change its spots. Once they show their true colours you see them for who and what they truly are; liars, fakes, bullies, jealous beings, who want to ruin you if you don’t conform to their ways.  These types of people are always miserable, always talking shit behind others backs, moving from person to person spreading rumours and causing unnecessary fights amongst the ranks.  just remember if they are talking to you about others then they are talking to others about you in the same manner. This is not supportive at all, just a group of wickedness, unhappiness, ruthlessness and destruction that they cage themselves in, thus having to pull others into the hell of their existence and unhappiness so they can feel their own self-worth.

Surround yourself with like-minded people as yourself.  

Look for happiness not misery.

Seek supportiveness and kindness, not bossiness, hostility or negativity.

Most importantly – Write for yourself and not to please someone else.

If you feel it, write it

Set Yourself Free.




Free Again by Quintessence


Dust off the negativity

Dust off the pain

Dust off the ugliness others left on you with the rain.


Distance yourself from the binding chains keeping you silent

Distance yourself from the control that fell upon you from verbal violence.


Shake out through your fingertips the restraint of your words

Shake out inner energy that couldn’t burst through that old prisoned world.

You Are Free

You’re free now, to dance

You’re free now to take that scribing chance.


Let your words flow

Let the pain go

Let the light in

Time to be Free Again.




Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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