Into The Woods

street light

“For hell’s sake!” came streaming out of my pursed lips as I rolled the car to the side of the dark, winding road, which glistened like the slippery backside of a serpentine as the gravel on the shoulder crunched under the passenger tires and the car ceased to roll any further. Slumping against the backrest, sighing. Why is it that this feels like I’ve been here before. A touch of Deja Vu possibly. “Well it’s damn dark in the middle of nowhere”. Speaking out loud as if I expected some kind of answer. Giggling as I pulled a half crushed cigarette out of the pack. Taking a big draw and flooding my lungs as I opened the drivers side door and stepped out into the cool night air. It had to have just rained as the pavement under my boots was still wet and glistening in the moonlight. Laughing and speaking to myself once again “This is so much like the beginning of a horror movie, the places I find myself sometimes.”.

Gathering a few things out of the car, my backpack. Always there in case of a quick bug out, a jacket, a flashlight and few other miscellaneous items. I decided to walk it to the next gas station. Cell phone service out here was spotty if even that much. The gas station was only a couple miles up the road and although dark, nothing I haven’t had to do before. Or well, had thought I had done this before, exactly this at least once. Fighting against a ever growing nagging in my gut I started walking towards the gas station. The farther I walked along the bigger the nagging turned into gnawing and the darker the street became as the trees seemed to grow larger and literally hung over the two lane country road.

The moonlight faded away as the sky began to sprinkle the ever slightest vapor of rain. “What in the fuck am I doing?”, I stopped for a moment as I felt the world spin and that nagging feeling gripped a hold of my stomach as I gagged, almost letting go of the only meal I had eaten today. Panic ran through my body making my skin crawl. The feeling wasn’t just a nagging, as right then, I didn’t feel like I was alone at all. As a matter of fact I felt like I was inside a crystal ball. Pretty damn sure I had been here, exactly in this place, in this same time before. Not sure what frightened me more, the feeling that I was being watched, or the place where I was, to say the least I was vulnerable out here. Or the fact that I felt like I had done this exact thing before, better yet this very thing, the words I said, the feelings, the exact steps. I had done this before. But why do I feel like I have watched myself do this from a far? I attempted to laugh it all off and strike one up for imagination driving my fear. Why not, isn’t that one of the things that we crave, being scared, scaring ourselves? Oh and what better way to do that then on a creepy old country road in the dark alone.


Laughter, I stopped walking, not sure if that laugh even came out of my own throat. That thought did indeed make me laugh and I carried on, moving forward into the growing darkness. I lit another cigarette and trotted ahead. I could see a streetlight illuminating the corner just a little and I began to walk faster. As the bend in the road approached I slowed my pace as the slap of noxious odor blew against my face. Cringing and fighting back the urge to vomit, I stopped. The air had warmed here, not just slightly either as I was able to watch the steam roll up in wafting streams from the blacktop. It was rather warm here, enough so that I found myself wriggling out of my jacket and wrapping it around my waist. The warmth was welcomed, the odor that seemed to envelope me in its caustic, wreak was not. Although not a pleasant odor, it was a familiar odor. One that if it has passed across your odoriferous cavities previously, is one that you never forget.

My heart began to race, pounding like a bass drum in chest, making the only noise I could clearly hear the beat of my own heart as I stood there, all of a sudden empty, alone and seemingly aware that something was very wrong. I should keep walking, I should. I kept telling myself, damn it, keep walking, and walk fast. Instead, I found myself moving towards the darkness out of the circle of light that was faint as the street lamps canvass just barely began to break the night at this bend in the road.

scary woman face2

Backing into the darkness towards the tree line, boot heels digging into the soft, wet earth beneath my feet, I felt naked as my inner will was set on edge, having gone into full protection mode. Panic reached for me, unsuccessful in it’s grasp as I reached the treeline. Full fight mode ensued as all my senses stood at their peak. Taking in the surroundings as I fought the breathe that smell in too deep. The smell of rot. The decaying of flesh, mixed with rain and there was something else present too. What was that scent, also familiar, yet one that I had not smelled in a very long time. Resting against the big, harsh oak behind me as I gathered in all the surroundings.

Moving just slightly into the wood-line, crouching as I watched and listened. I felt my heart beat in my chest like a bass drum on steroids, it was thunderous I thought for sure whatever else might be out here certainly heard it as well. Trying to focus as the moist air began to cling to my chest, I heard it then a faint growl or groan. My breathe came in stuttering waves as I attempted to conceal myself behind this big old oak tree. I must have been on the verge of fainting as my eyes were only able to focus on a slight green hue across the glistening road. It was coming from the woods across the way. It wasn’t just green, using that color to describe it was wrong, it was blue and green and white all at the same time.The world swayed in front of me and went dark.

Opening my eyes to the sound of humming. It was humming, a mechanical humming. Slowly sitting up. How long had I been out? I looked once more across the street and gasped at what I saw. There were no longer trees there, there was no longer a road there. It was just blank. This is some kind of a trick, it had to be, the earth does not just erase pieces of itself. Except at this moment it had.

Slowly I backed away in the woods behind me. Either something was very wrong with me or something major had happened while I lay there unconscious. It was then that the sound pierced my ears, a deep sigh, raspy unto itself. My skin crawled with goosebumps as I turned. The bag in my hand fell to the ground as the stench of decay wafted to my nostrils and I screamed, the thing that stood in front of me screamed too.


Thick saliva spewing from it’s gnarling teeth as it began to laugh. The panic inside of me rose as a shiver went down my spine. The creature stood there, and in a moments flash, I wondered could it actually see me? It smelt me, it heard me, so why hadn’t it attacked me. The nauseous feeling crept up inside me, this thing was rank, overpoweringly so. I was going to vomit and it would definitely know exactly where I was. As I choked back my lunch, moving slightly to to the right, I was right! This creature couldn’t see me. I slide to my right again, trying to be quieter than a mouse. If this thing got a hold of me I was not going to get away. It was all of 7 foot tall and solid as a horse. That’s when I saw it. A small flash on the things hand, a ring. One that I had seen many times before. As I continued to slide into the darkness. That being called out, but who or what was it calling out to?

My mind was racing, my skin crawling in fear and my body shivered in terror as I moved cautiously into the heavy wooded area. Coming to an old dilapidated building, I decided to enter. Moving behind the doorway to the right I heard it, panting. The sound was shallow, and rapid and just what was I thinking? What was going on here, had I walked into another dimension? Where exactly was I? The wetness on my skin had seeped through my clothes and although it was warm outside in here it was as cold as an icebox.

My body repulsed against the cold air. The darkness was thick and solid as pitch, do I turn on my flashlight? Do I run out of here in fear? Listening closely to the surroundings, I heard the shallow breathing, almost a panting, it had to be approximately 6 feet away, straight forward and to the right. Slowly, with palm over the torch end of the flashlight I saw what lay ahead. This was an old warehouse, there was a thing, a person, or what was a person standing facing the opposite wall. The sound of the being from outside rang loudly and the answer came, from out of the mouth of this thing a gurgling, growl as it turned and moved directly past me out the doorway into the night.

scary thing

Petrified my legs extended and I stood up. Moving cautiously, deeper the building. I saw the glow of the strange illumination I had seen across the road previously. I was pulled backwards as my hair was pulled, some ripped out as the cold hard head of something slammed into my forehead. My world shook for a moment as I got hold of my space and realized that this thing, huge, muscled, with a whitish blue skin was dragging me. No sound escaped me although I attempted to scream. The hand that had my head, suddenly let go and as I gained my feet this being came at me. It’s teeth sharp and silvery in the glow from the illumination. It began to gnash its teeth rapidly and I came to the realization that I was his meal. My knife, I had my knife. Smooth and sharp and solid. Bug out bag, good thing for my lack of trust and paranoia.

I gripped the handle with every ounce of strength I had as the huge thing came at me, slightly bent forward. With the knife in my right hand, one swift slash across his throat proved worthy as some gooey, thick substance came spewing from his throat as his thick sharp nails ripped at my shirt. My knife found the right side of it’s neck and plunged into the flesh there. It fell to it’s knees and began to gurgle and flail in the strange light. My feet took me deeper into the building closer to the light inside. Unable to grasp with my head what the hell was going on. Moving faster I rounded the corner and came to an abrupt halt as I could not believe what lay before my eyes.

throat slit

Pain seared through my head as the sound of my skull cracking ripped through my ears and I fell to my knees. Barley alert the sight of blood pooling around my knees, shimmered in the fantastic light as my world faded with only pain remaining and the sound of ripping flesh as the thing from outside clamped it’s teeth into my neck. What lay in front of me was a spinning aura of amazing light. Surrounding it was nothing, nothing at all. It was if the world was being erased and in it’s place strange beings, larger than life come here for what? I would never know the answer as I screamed. Floating, I was floating. Looking back at myself, my fear was gone and I ascended. No longer were the boundaries, no longer did I care as I watched that being devour my flesh, I was floating.


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Abandoned House by Richard Bell


Larissa managed to crawl free from the wreckage and make it to the other side of the road, her bloody left leg and arm leaving a Jackson Pollock spatter across the wet tarmac.
Four mangled vehicles lay strewn across the winding country road and huge plumes of steam became ghost screams into the weak morning light. The sole survivor, Larissa Bartholomew, snatched a smirk as she remembered how much her boyfriend hated ‘last girl standing’ movies – with a passion!
In all directions, the Scandinavian countryside proliferated like a million biker beards and shrieking black birds darted across the gap in the skyline, bound for the other side with the dead from the catastrophic accident.
The Elk lived for a few minutes before succumbing to its massive injuries. Drunken Elks, wasted on fermented apples, often stagger into the road, unaware of the dangers.
She looked back and snatched another smirk at the tiny saloon car with a fuck off moose hood ornament!
The rains had softened the verge to mush and she slipped and fell into a gully that followed the road like racing snakes. Winter was fast approaching and the nights sunk to a madness-inducing damp chill.
“Ahoooooooooyyyyyyy!” She yelled from her supine position, fully aware that wolves and bears were the eyes in the deep black woods.
“It is a womb bearer and she sheds her scarlet waters.” The tiny voice seemed to come from behind her but she couldn’t see what it was in her blurred shock.
“This is the foretold in the parchment. Muster the unalive bearers and convey the delivered to Straahl. The ceremony has outnumbered one and ten black suns.”
A vague mist enveloped Larissa, lying in her soggy dip in the world and she wondered if the voices and the exquisite floral scent were dying memories.
She began to scream until…
The huge hand that covered her mouth was all that was needed to shut down this nightmare to a dark sleep and hiccuping breaths.
Her dream was a fast flowing river in the night under a clear sky and a myriad of lights. The stars seemed like Chinese lanterns released by the universe to remember the dead. The river increased the flow and straight ahead was a huge waterfall but flowing upwards! Her body sailed up the frothing waters as salmon swam past her at dolphin speed. As she reached the top and over the crest, her eyes widened in sheer terror as a giant hooded creature lay ahead. She could make out the glinting fangs as the river flowed right into its gaping maw.
“Wake me from this…NOW!”
Her body moved inside the great jaws and she felt herself pounding on the roof of the mouth, then the throat and all the way into the stomach, flames leaping and shrill voices pleading in agony and…
Her eyes moved independently inside their sockets as she slowly came round. She realized that her surroundings had changed but couldn’t see the skies above the treetops.
Faint pairs of pinprick lights, she understood to be blinking eyes, flashed off and on in the crepuscular tree trunk army surrounding this clearing. She could make out an oddly geometric shape in front of her but dismissed it as fallen branches and happenstance.
“Stand upright, you, child of dire misfortune. Walk of you own volition into my realm and sit by my fireplace.”
As she raised herself up, two black lanterns, suspended in mid-air, burst into flames revealing a beautifully crafted hut, exuding the mist in swirling snowflake patterns.
“Are you Straahl?” She uttered through chattering teeth, the chill nipping her extremities.
“Knock with the staff on the face of the beast and choose the number of strikes from your first instinct.”
The door was arched and blood-red with the most hideous black demonic face, tongue outstretched and brow furrowed to almost no eyes, except two deep Violet diamonds that pulsated hypnotically.
She grabbed the staff by the door, swung out at full stretch then brought it cracking into the tongue of the vile thing.
“Three more I think and we’ll see what you have in store for sweet little Larissa, crash orphan and shedder of scarlet water.” Her sarcasm rippled the mist into agonized faces and death grin skulls before returning to snowflakes upon the last strike.
“Let me in, I’m freezing out here!” She murmured.
The lanterns suddenly fell to earth, transformed into a huge black millipede and scuttled off into the inky blackness that the open door revealed to her.
“Take a seat by the fire and warm your scarlet water, crash orphan. I will join you after your refreshments.”
Larissa moved with cat-like stealth inside the dark space and, once a few strides in, the door slammed shut, cracked and disappeared as she found herself in a round room with deep red walls and a floor that was a still black pool of water.
The fireplace was a beautiful ornate stove fire with a large pewter tankard on top, steaming and smelling delicious. She sat in the chair, which was the lantern millipede, sipped her delicious drink and stared into the odd violet flames in the stove.
“This is unusual but hospitable and I thank you for saving me from the wolves and bears, Straahl. Whoever you are? Sorcerer? Hermit? Zombie Apocalypse Survivor? I thank you.” Larissa felt her wounds healing and a strange warmth fill her up from the toes.
“I am shocking to see, crash orphan…”
“Please, call me Larissa.”
“Larissa, I am an elemental. I exist outside your laws but inside your lore. I ask that you see me as something natural beyond your perspective not unnatural beyond your comprehension. They made Satyr and Devil of me in their nightmare texts, but I am the scales of the land and sea and skies. I am underneath world and high above world meeting to a harmonious tune. May I present to you, Straahl.”
The stove fire creaked and groaned and shaped into a hideous tall black cloaked creature. She instantly recognized it from her dream but it was too late. Giant jaws clamped around her torso and bore down, slicing her in two. Then a huge tongue picked up the legs and shoved it deep into its throat. Her last view was her bloody sneakers passing by to fall over the waterfall and into the flames of agony.
“Kids, they’ll swallow anything. Actually, so will I.” The creature bellowed with laughter then shot the tongue out to wipe against a rough tree bark.
“I really hate cocoa butter!” He growled before slinking into the blinking eyes forest and the realm of disbelief.


Original written work of Richard Bell aka @rick_nightmare


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Challenge Yourself -Asylum After Dark – The Remedy by Crimson Quintessence

Counting The Days To Insanity

Counting The Days To Insanity

The Challenge:   The power just went out and all Asylum doors are unlocked.

The power just went out and all Asylum doors are unlocked.
Tonight my horrible honeys I’ve made you a murderer.
You writing challenge is this:
A short story or poem.
You get 1 chance to commit only 1 murder.
Make it count…


Sit there, if you will,

whimpering in your dark little corner.

I can hear your knees knocking together from here on my perch.

Your yellow drug-stained teeth, rattling together like a broken awning swinging in high winds.

I can even hear the rush of air from your sphincter clenching shut.

Guess that worries you some, considering where you house your head most of your waking hours.

My heels click as I stride across the marble floor having jumped from my perched observation point in the house, echoing in your ears like rapid-fire shots out of a machine gun.

My face calm, my breath slow and steady, tapping my favorite weapon of choice in my left palm, licking my lips in anticipation of the assault you’re about to receive.

Sit still!

squirming coward, your movements will only make your punishment last longer.  

No matter to me, I’d enjoy the delay and your cries of agony.

I smirk as I remember how I got you here.

You thought midnight romp.

I knew something far different.

When I ripped the cord of the lamp from the west wall I didn’t think of the lamps weight, not at all.

In fact, it happened so fast I’m not sure I registered thought much at all.

But, I felt, oh, how I felt.


a searing heat, 

it rose from deep inside me.


ravenous almost.


I swung that lamp at your head like a professional baseball player swinging at his last-chance grand-slam in the world series.


The hit heard around the world,

and just like that,

blood-spatter, and out you went.

Dragging your lanky-ass over to Nana’s wing-back chair came easy to me.

There was so much adrenaline coursing through me, I felt like a freight-train on full-throttle, no brakes.

The barbed-wire was fun, wrapping it around you like a python wraps itself around its prey.

Almost made me orgasmic,

then you twitched and took my moment from me.


Still, you try to take control.

But that’s okay,

I’m not upset,

not about that any way.

I’m going to take my time with you my dear, oh, yes, I am.

I remember that first night when we were at Dale’s party.

You said you had a surprise for me and took me upstairs.

Then, like the pig you are, you dropped your pants and I said wow, that’s my surprise, you brought me up here to show me a penis?

Yes, you said, with a smart-ass grin on your face.

Then you changed your tone and said well?

I said well what?

And you and your arrogant tongue spit out — Wax it.

How vile I thought, but we both know that I left my teeth marks in your dick that night,

don’t we darling?

Look at you, all dressed up like mommy’s little blonde cherub.

Too bad she doesn’t know what a nasty little cunt of a man you really are.

But I’m going to remedy that, I’ll show her on your behalf when I fillet you and pose you like an awkward statue impaled on a spigot and run through on your front lawn.

Hannibal would be so proud to know me right now.

You my dearest have been weighed and measured and you’ve been found wanting.

This will be the remedy of all remedies.

A song for all melodies.

Your undoing.

Your fate.

Lifeless, like the squished slug by the garden gate.

Gone and forgotten.

Dust in the wind.

My arms raised,

the blows came,

the remedy delivered.



Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Into The Storm by Brandon Ryals



Walking alone through the shadows
I listen for the coming of the storm
Thunder rolls over the mountains
As lightning strikes in the distance

Lights ahead mark the pathway
So close now to the safety of home
Rain falls with a devils tenacity
As I reach the shelter of my keep

Fresh wood brings the fire to life
Throwing shadows on the walls
Yet the cold of the rain still grips my heart
As my gaze falls on the ancient tome

The power ancient and arcane within
words of salvation found on these pages
The workings of the dark gods reside here
Do I dare knowing the price to be paid

Unknown to me the demon watches
She waits patiently in the shadows
Her eyes burning with a primeval desire
As she watches with curiosity

Longing to be made flesh again
She cries out in frustration and rage
Her voice goes unheard in shadows
As tears of sorrow fall into nothingness

Sitting alone I stare into the flames
Unable to shake this sensation
I could almost swear I heard crying
Looking down I give in to temptation

Sitting before the fire I begin to read
Unseen the demon takes her place
Sitting before me within the fire
She guides my hand to the spells

It takes all her strength to guide my hands
The will to be made flesh is strong
silent desperation fills her eyes
As my eyes fall upon the proper spells

I close my eyes in contemplation
the ceremony simple but for one thing
It’s a small matter almost insignificant
A tribute payed in blood a gift of flesh

Hope fills her heart as she watches me
Her hands guide mine in the preparation
Each symbol meticulously drawn
Every item in its proper place

Sitting inside the circle I close my eyes
My heartbeats slow as does my breathing
Words of love whispered go unheard
As the verses fall from my lips

The room around me disappearing
My world falls into smoke and fire
As a figure appears in the distance
The demon approaches through the flames

My heart stops as she reaches the edge
The final barrier at the threshold
So beautiful cloaked in smoke and fire
Her eyes implore me to finish the rite

So close to the freedom she desires
Silently she begs him to finish
Tears fall from.her eyes as she reaches
Crying out in anguish for his love

The final words fall from my lips
The world around me exploding
Blinded by smoke and flame
I fall into darkness what have I done

For a mere moment hell follows
As she falls through the doorway
Crying out in triumph she is free
As the smoke fades she sees her saviour

Lying broken at her feet all but dead
Gently she lifts him into her arms
Moving into the night she lays him down
The rain washing away the stain of the pit

Gently she holds her love in her arms
Praying to the gods of old to spare him
His body lies broken and.bloody
Tears of sorrow fall from her eyes

Lightning crashes all around her
As an ancient prayer fills the night air
The night comes alive with spirits
As powers ancient and arcane fill the air

I awaken into a world of pain
Broken and bloody I open my eyes
I feel rain upon my brow so cold
I see through the haze my demon

She is so beautiful this child of perdition
Her embrace so gentle laying in her arms
Her voice a whisper ears
As I succumb to the pain falling again

Staring down she smiles knowingly
The answer comes to her from above
Whispered on the darkness around her
She is granted the gift of resurrection

Smiling she lays him gently on the ground
Touching his face softly as the storm rages
A small bite on her lip and the blood flows
Her lips brush his as the gift is passed on

I open my eyes to her smiling face
Reaching for her I feel a change
Pain leaves my body in waves
Replaced by an unknown strength

Together we stand lost in our love
Finally I see her in all her glory
Before me so dark and enticing
This ravishing creature

Her eyes so dark and full of mystery
I stand awe of this goddess before me
As she falls into my embrace
Her head resting on my shoulder

With new-found strength I lift her
Together we move into the manse
Sheltered from the storm
Beginning our journey together in eternity.

Mad Max:Fury Road.

Mad Max:Fury Road.

Original written work of Brandon Ryals



Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Freewill Writers Asylum Friday Challenge – Cries in the Dead of Night by Richard Bell


Your Writing Challenge:

Late last night you woke to the sound of someone crying. It was loud and frightening.
You wanted to check it out but there’s something in the room, in the dark, watching you…
Write a very short story of this situation and how you get through it.

Walk Again, Suzy Dead Legs.

“You shitting bastards! Come back here right now. Right now!”
Suzy sat in the creeping darkness and sobbed, desperate for her eyes to become accustomed to the gloom. Her isolation, now that her fake friends had brought her to this ruin and abandoned her at breakneck speed, was a pair of chilled hands around the throat.
“Breakneck!” She let out a shuddering giggle between the terrified sobs and thumped her shrivelled legs, delivering metallic twangs from her wheelchair to all corners of the cavernous place.
The rippling evening sun fell below the tree line and only shards of broken glass became visible, even to her black circles for eyes.
For a moment she thought she saw someone enter the smashed front door and glide across the garbage strewn floor.
She stared intensely, desperate to discern anyone in this salacious local landmark.
Her heart had made its way to the roof of her mouth, heightening the senses to the sensitively of a spider web.
What was that in the cor…
Suzy’s fright spasm was so huge it tipped the chair sideways on the uneven floor, sending her into a pile of rags, leaves and old newspapers.
She was desperate to find out where the scream came from and if they had come for her.
She rolled herself onto her side and sat up against the freezing wall in the alcove.
“Is anybody there, please? I’m para…my fucking legs don’t work thanks to a drunk driver and I want to get home before I need to crap. Anybody there? ANYBODY?”
The bird song died with a gust of wind and silence shrivelled the echoes of the settling to faint cracks and pops.
Suzy fixed her gaze to the far corner of the room and stifled a breath.
“Hello…can you speak? I know that you’re there. Please talk to me, I’m scared and I can’t run and I don’t want to die in this shit hole.”
A deep growling hiss came from the darkness and a flash of light reflected from two blinking eyes.
Suzy tried to shuffle across the floor but her hands slid into large chunks of metal and glass and she shrieked loudly before crying uncontrollably.
The growl grew in intensity from the corner as the huge scream violently pierced the quiet.
“Please, I don’t want to die. Please help me. They took my phone and left me in this place and ran away and I want to go home. I just want to go ho…”
“I want your soul for company.”
Suzy thumped her legs again muttering profanities and imploring them to work again and let her run away from the horror.
“I want your
Charging towards her from the gloom was a huge shaggy figure breathing loudly and staring at her with pulsating red eyes.
Suzy clutched her chest as red-hot needles shot across her arm and jaw blasting stars in this Stygian hole.
Her last breath was used cursing the fuckers that left her to this.
“Suzy? Suzy, are you ok? Suzy?”
The shaggy figure threw off his suit and hit the halogen lights around the room.
The others came running in.
“Did we get her? We got you Suzy. We got you goo…”
The group assembled around her body.
The lights blew simultaneously as a deep growling voice came from the rafters,
“I want your souls!”



Original written work of Richard Bell aka Rick Nightmare


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Challenge Yourself Weekends – In the Dead of Night by Christie Evans


The Writing Challenge:

Late last night you woke to the sound of someone crying. It was loud and frightening.
You wanted to check it out but there’s something in the room, in the dark, watching you…
Write a very short story of this situation and how you get through it.


It was 3:30am on a brisk fall night in Ireland. I was awoken to a loud crying shriek of a noise. Looking out the window the moon was full and bright, almost red. The wind was howling. As I looked around eyes barely functioning but fully dilated, I realize that sound is coming from inside the castle walls. I am now fixed and focused on the dark shadow in front of me. It’s the outline of a female. She is wailing and sobbing immensely. Her face beautiful and almost transparent. When I realize what she is my heart has sunk. She is a banshee, one who cries out in mourning for the dead. As I think to myself, no one has recently died. I didn’t know what to do. So I turned over to the love of my life to wake him for his wise advice. I touch his shoulder gently as to not frighten him. There was no response. So I tried harder to awaken him without any sign of life. My heart sinks again. It is my love the Banshee is crying for. The love of my life lay lifeless beside me and now I now shriek and cry with this Banshee. Heart broken to the core all I can do is say goodbye.


Original Written Work by Christie Evans


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Challenge Yourself Weekend – Enter The Asylum

You have all entered The Asylum, received your Straight Jacket and been shown to your room.
What happens next is up to you…..
Write a story featuring someone with a strong (or problem) character trait.
Throw a wrench into their nice, everyday routine.
See what happens.
Don’t feel the need to explain the ‘how’ if something unusual is happening (i.e. talking dolls, house-hold objects that activate themselves; out-of-body/time experiences). Just focus on what it means for your character.

Arkham Asylum

Anthony Psychotic by Richard Bell


“There’s a star man waiting in the sky He’d like to come and meet us

But he thinks he’d blow our minds
There’s a star man waiting in the sky..”
The gurney wheel squeaks David Bowie into my medicated mind via throbbing ears and features that have melted like a Dali clock. I’m a cocktail of meds beneath my stinking bloody skin and the strip lights above me flash a deep web message between blinks.
“The dog would eat his own shit but wouldn’t take a bite out of this sphincter chunk!” I hear one orderly quip and the other reply with a nonchalant “Uh huh!”
This place smells like bleach and piss and screams.
“There’s a star man waiting in the…”
“Quiet you twisted pissflap!” snarls the big-mouthed orderly whilst the other one mutters “Uh huh” under his breath.
The daydreams of adolescence plunge into a night sea and you sink until the sea bed clutches the blue limbs with dread. That’s when the fish swim by, just out of sight, and tell you who to kill. They whisper it through the rip tide and the sway of the kelp then they dart away to the ocean. Only then can I swim to the surface and dredge up the bad me. That’s when I’m at my bloody best. When my sea bed self rises to the surface to inflict the sickness of the depths onto the selected.
I’m bound up tight, gagged with a mask that prevents me tasting my prey and locked into a heavily stained padded room.
This must have housed some bat-shit crazies because the walls are gouged and bloody and shitty and offer some strange other-worldly philosophies.
I love the art of the broken mind.
I love the unrelenting sadness of thoughts out of reach of help. Stranded…
“The planet earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do…”
“Shut up in there, you shit pipe jizz shot!” yells the Mouth without his “Uh huh” back up.
I did some bad things to some good people and I can’t decide which me wanted it more. I can’t decide if Sea Bed Me or Amount to Nothing Me did those things. The media pigs called me Ziggy when the Police found my signature cut into the soles of the feet. I think David would approve. He was an artist like me. He was ridiculed and misunderstood but later his genius was recognised. I’m no genius though. My work is battery and gouge with hot wire graffiti on the body. Before they stop screaming, they’re just the sketch but after the glazed eye silence, they become the canvas.
My body was a hot wire canvas for mummy and daddy to work on when the booze wore off and they could focus on their dissatisfaction.
My last victim was my china girl. That’s the one that got me caught.
She put her finger on my lips and told me “Shh-Shh!” I untied her and she left. She was the only canvas that understood his genius.
Then he walked away from me.
He left Sea Bed Me and Amount to Nothing Me to face the cold truth without the music playing.
She’s in here with me hanging my canvasses around the dirty walls. They’re all here.
All with different songs and meanings, hanging in my own personal gallery.
I’m looking at her now as she stands before me. She’s messy with the juices of my canvases but she appreciates the art. Her hands clutch a plastic swastika and on her feet are red shoes.
She clicks them twice and is sucked into a black tornado.
And all at once I melt completely into a puddle on the floor that is my Dali weird world. They’re going to have to scoop me up for the trial and drape me over a deep perspective Christ.
“David, why hast thou forsaken me?” I ask before the night meds wipe the slate clean.



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Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015


Pitch Panic

street light

The darkness caresses holding tightly through the night. Silence is deafening, only the ever faint whisper of the breeze as it rustles the leaves. The only sign that your still alive. As pitch holds its embrace like a child clinging to its mother. Every movement no matter how small the shadows move in perfect rhythm not releasing it’s embrace..

Heart racing as you run faster, trying to outpace the blackness with no use it never lags behind. Stopping to catch your breathe the darkness invading your throat choking you. As you spit and cough the invasion of darkness seeping into your every pore, weighing you down.

Slowly pushing forward, tripping over your own feet, barely able to see where you’re going. Guided by only the sound of the leaves crunching under feet. You stumble and fall reaching for anything and nothing at all. The heart beats so strong you feel it throbbing in your eardrums as you fumble along. Are you farther into the darkness or is this the way to the light?

The trepidation building inside as you keep asserting yourself in forward motion. Unable to stop, fearing what may be lurking in the dark, can not stop now your only wish is for a light. Chest heaving as you turn a corner, stopping abruptly as just ahead is the dull shimmer of light. Hastily moving towards the solace of the illumination ahead, the feeling overcomes you so strong, the feeling of dread.

As your breathing slows and the glow from the streetlight grows, it occurs to you what if your safer in the darkness wrapped in the night? What if you fear is awaiting for you to see, whats been right there with you the entire time. The questions race through your mind as you move slower now one step at a time.

If what you have been running from wasn’t the darkness but what you feared was there. As your mind races you become more aware. The sound of others rapid breathing now ringing in your ears. If it so happens that going the fiends of the night have been with you through this entire plight. What if they attack when they are visible and the blanket of protection has been the night you’ve been running from.

Continuing forward every so slowly now, questioning the safety of the light as you hear branches breaking behind you in the night. Are you safer here in pitch darkness, should you now run from the light. Your mind is in shambles, racing to know. The heart in your chest heavy with dred, what if you step into the light and the monsters are fed.

As you stand on the outermost circle of light you see movement beyond the circle in the darkness of night. The heavy panting evident now. One more step that’s what it will take to release you from fear or seal your fate.

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Blue Requiem by Tony Norton


Towering skyscrapers
swaying on graphene pontoons
bob on ebbing nodding tides.
Grey, It had been raining constantly for the 4 years since they built the flotillas.
Built after the great flood
Built after the global war.
Colossal Mountain ranges were now at sea level.
Massive holes had been punched
in the ozone layer and raw radiation seeped in through the atmosphere.
Critically any hyper exposure to the now searing sun could and often did prove fatal.
The world was searing hot with water everywhere.
An incredible increased level of technology
Has now enabled man an ability to make a conscious connection with the Whales of the Seas.
Shamefully the Whales showed humanity what it had done to the planet and highlighted the error of its ways. The Whales had brought forth the connection of the human soul.
They had awoken again the long-lost ability to make spiritual connections.
Hundreds of generations of lost unfulfilled souls now had missed lifetimes of revelatory catching up to do.
By re energising exercises on the pineal gland The Whales became the shaman to human spiritual enlightenment. New age prophets ushering in the golden age of duality.
Many followers began worshipping the Whales.
Hundreds of buzzing hover taxis ferried the herds
of Devotees from flotillas to the hypersonic hydrofoils waiting to jet the off for their aqua sonic inter continental pilgrimages to the Whale bed temples.
A global Aqua police force were formed to keep law and order in this New World of Water.
Hydrogen had become the fuel of choice which was in abundance and extracted from the water in extraction plants. Huge blue oxygen bubbles, a by-product of the chemical process were released constantly into the atmosphere like huge hot air balloons floating up in the blue horizons.
Blue sea, blue sky, blue planet.


Abe had been lucky to only witness the last year of the war. He had worked in munitions until the melting of the poles brought about the great flood and an abrupt end to the war. In biblical proportions countries were flooded and drowned. Eighty percent of the world now lay under water. Humans fled to the mountains but they became impossibly crowded. That’s when the global corporations joined and formed the Aqua Alliance and started building their floating cities.

War had brought about much change. Connection with the Whales brought about duality between form and spirit.
Body and One.. whole..
The new mantra for the new age.
It became the obsession…to find yourself.
Firstly there were only a few who perfected astral travel. Out of body experience where a person was able to reconnect with the ultimate consciousness. At first only painfully committed meditation could achieve the desired state.
Gurus came back with tales of wonder and an insight into the fabulous potential of connection.
They were examined in laboratory conditions, alpha brain waves monitored and they could be seen spiking off the monitoring chart.
Tests revealed that in the catatonic state the levels of the hormone DMT in the travellers blood were seen to be through the roof. Scientists quickly worked out the heightened state could be achieved by administering the drug DMT. The problem was this. The amount of DMT required, if administered directly into the blood stream caused aneurysms and heart attacks.
Swallowed, it caused nausea and vomiting but worked much better. Then the breakthrough …if it was mixed with a specific, organic substance, one that was biodegradable and kind to the human gut it worked fantastically . That substance was ambergris – whale vomit – the Holy Grail. Ambergris is solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish colour produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. It was often found with squid beaks in it, hinting that it was used as a lubricator to aid the Whales digestion.
Mixing DMT with ambergris formed the perfect pellet They seemed to perfectly compliment each other. A marriage literally born in the waves of heaven.
Astral projection now became available to the masses.
Enlightenment brought again as a by-product of the interaction with the Whales.

Abe had been in awe of the Whales since the revelation at the end of the war. He had heard of the pilgrimages to the Whales beds and the connections, and the stories of wonder and the sessions of pure love. He had studied them. He had saved up his global currency credits (GCC’s) with a view to making the pilgrimage to the Whale beds and to enlightenment.


The day of his trip had arrived.

Abe at twenty-eight was one of the lucky ones. Many generations of his age group had either been killed or maimed in the global war. He had worked in the graphene factory since the end of the war and lived frugally. He had a modest apartment on the 121st floor of a flotilla apartment. He particularly enjoyed reading books, particularly the classics. He was currently reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and found it eerily close to the modern truth. Indeed an epsilon he, longed to join the pilgrimage to the Temples of the Whales on the Southern tip of the Americas, which was now Uruguay as Argentina was drowned.
Today was the day….four years saving…it had finally arrived.

He put on a baseball cap as his thinning mousey brown hair was no match for the searing sun.
Nervously he climbed aboard the water taxi, which ferried him to the floating quayside where the Hydrofoil was moored.
He was nervous, excited, anxious and apprehensive all in one go. Four seasons in one day he thought. He had booked two weeks off from work and couldn’t wait to escape.

The water taxi silently moved through the choppy water with two others on board. The unforgiving sun shone cruelly in the balmy salty atmosphere.
The air was charged with expectations.

The taxi pulled up and moored at the quayside.
The three travellers disembarked and headed to the Ocean Control office to check in. Papers in order the shuffled along to the departure lounge. There were three armed Aqua police officers standing guard but the atmosphere was one of excited expectations. The was the familiar babble of crowds and the buzz of excited conversation filled the departure lounge. All the pilgrims were dressed in the blue garb of ocean worship, Abe included. Most of the pilgrims were older wanting the absolution of connection before passing across. Abe, on the other hand felt he was answering a calling.

All boarded and settled into their travel pods the hydrofoil’s hydrogen engines whistled into life. Abe felt the ship raising up above the waves as the hum of the electromagnets droned into life. He set the Pod clock to 15 hrs and a little pill popped out of the dispensing draw at the bottom. Pill popped he drifted off to sleep.
He began to dream…


Creeping… Fever ….Virus…Hot …Salt…. Sweat
Eyes Burning…Head Bursting
Blue..So So Much..Blue..
Waves of Nausea
Waves of Water
Over Abe’s Minds Eye
Opening Wide
Seeing All
Ears Burning
Tearing Tinnitus
Din of Delirium
Piercing Painful Prophetic Crys
Haunting Squeals of a Whale
Leviathan of Dynamic Proportions
Appears to Abe
Shivering in his Altered State
He is afraid of Him
He know’s He is the Truth
Wants to look away

Abe knows he is to blame….

Cold Cold Ocean
Greys and Blues and Blacks
And back to Greys
Clicks and howwwwwwwwls
Squeeeeeeeeeks and waiiiiils
Cochlear Assault
Pure Pain

He is to blame…

As Clear as day
Images blue burst to life
Resonating in Abe’s Minds Eye
Every Shade of the Bluest of Blue
Every Shade of Sadness
Every Feeling that Blue Can Bring

Shamefully Abe is to blame

Sweet Shoals of Plankton
Soured -Septic
Cracks in the Crust of Ocean Floor
Splitting Atoms
Invoking Earthquakes
Man Playing for Power
Man Playing God
God blames Man
In Biblical Proportions

Abe is to blame

Fetid Fukishima Fish Floating as Flotsam
Deep Dark Dead Seas
Deep Dark Depths of Despair
He wants to wake
Hypnotically the Whale Holds Him tranced
Holds The Vista
Sea Sick
Nautical Nausea
So much PAIN
He wants to wake

He knows he is firmly to blame

Shows Him All
Shows Abe Despair
Salt Sea
So Saline from a Million Crying Tears

Family’s of Whales
Swimming Suicidally Hard
Onto Bone Yard Beaches
Young Calves Carcasses
Out for Cackling Cawing Carrion
Abe cries out….
“I want to wake
I’m So So Sorry
Let Me WAKE”

Finally Feverishly Fever
Whale Wails Pitifully
Abe realises
Pity is
For Him
Blinks a Tearful Gaze
Nods his Huge Head
Swims off
Into the Blue Blue Yonder
Swims Away
Hope Swims with Him

Abe wakes
With a fearful dread
He carries the blame

The hydrofoil’s hydrogen engine came to a whining stop and in his semi awakened state he felt the ship slowing down, coming to its destination. He felt very vulnerable after his nightmare and apprehensive about the visit to come, when he would go face to face with the real Whales…ones that could read his fragile mind.

ocean whales drawn skies the sky 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_26

Part 2

As he shuffled down off the hydrofoil down the metallic gangway a booming message came over the tannoy…
“Please respect this Holy place…
could you please maintain a silence on the monorail journey to your hotel”

As he left the metal scanner and the heavily armed Aqua police he wondered to himself why in such a holy place there was the need for guards?Then he remembered he was human, and what humans had already done and what they are capable of.
A big red neon sign flashed
Silence Please
With a heavy sigh he boarded the monorail. The monorail took a vertical right angle to the harbour area and climbed steeply upwards at a slow steady pace. As it climbed higher and higher up the grassy cliff face Abe felt his ears pop. Rain trickled back down the window at wavering forty-five degree angles in opposite direction to the cars journey. A nagging seed of doubt came to Abe…he put the nausea down to the travel pill and being tired. He felt…..sad?
As the monorail levelled at the cliff top it seemed to then defy gravity and the track, actually suspended in the air, went out across the bay.
The view was breathtaking.
Although commercialised, the bay below was stunning. Pods of humpback whales frolicked in the especially dug out cove. About five miles in circumference, dug out of the shale bedrock, it was was a deep chlorine green coloured harbour. There were especially manufactured groins stretching out to sea which were strategically interspersed by small lighthouses with huge whale docking ports underneath them.
Abe immediately knew in his heart he was indeed at the right place.
The monorail came back over the other side of the grassy cliff again and headed downwards to his impressive looking futuristic hotel.
Abe checked in, picked up his bags from the carousel and headed for his room. Tomorrow would be the best day of his life but tonight he was too tired to even contemplate it. Getting into his room without unpacking, he literally crawled into the bed and drifted off into a deep deep uninterrupted sleep.

He woke, early, excited, nervous, anxious. Went to breakfast, still no words spoken.
He Ate his dry toast heartily but there wasn’t butter as there was a “strictly no dairy” sign as this interfered with the ambergris and DMT ingestion.
Meeting at reception with all the others, he was handed a booklet. Still no words. He was also given a prism quartz key, with docking bay 7.
That was to be his pod…destiny had spoken.
Another monorail from the hotel to the quayside and then on to the travellator out along the groine to pod lighthouse 7. The rest of the travellers had gleeful looks on their faces but still, no words were spoken.
He entered the lighthouse and was instructed in sign language to sit in the waiting area and read the instructions.
He sat, and waited, and waited. One hour passed. He began to feel nervous again. Anxious. He wondered had they forgotten him. Should he go and find someone. He decided to wait and just enjoy the peace and quiet it afforded him. As soon as he relaxed the door opened and a small bald man entered the room. It said Roy on his badge.
In hushed tones he introduced himself.
Hello Abe… I am Roy…I am your valet…welcome to Cathedral Bay… I will be assisting your connection to the Whales and subsequent journey to consciousness, should the Whales deem you worthy”

The balding boffin led the way down a series of metal steps which looked like a Bond villains lair. He placed a metal scull cap onto Abe’s head and led him to sit on what looked like a lifeguards chair. The chair was on hydraulics and began moving out over the water. Abe was now, strapped in and in a horizontal position laying down facing the water. The next thing a huge bell chimed across the whole of the bay and the glass doors of all the lighthouses opened.

In swam the leviathan. He was enormous. Barely fitting in the hanger. He swam straight over to Abe. Abe was scared…staring straight into his huge Whale eye.
His leathery grey skin was gnarly wrinkled and encrusted with barnacles.
Whale let out a guttural growl.
All of a sudden….Abe understood.
The transponder on his head translated….he was communicating with a Whale….
Why You Here!!…boomed the question?
Abe was so so scared…
For answers…said Abe…
The Whale let out a piercing sqeeeeeak…
Answers” You already have…was the translation.
Another squeal…
Battle begins within….
Battle only you can win….
A loud wailing sigh…
Transponder translates
Pure Proceed…
Whale blinks his huge eye at Abe and swims off….
Leaving a bemused Abe in his foamy wake.
It was over….so so quickly.

Abe was slowly dragged back to the vertical and back to the walkway by hissing pneumatics.

Roy unstrapped him….

Well how was it….? Asked Roy.

Terrifying…said Abe…
Exhilarating and Terrifying….he said now laughing hysterically.

Well said Roy, that was the boring part…. smiling …

Now for the real fun…

Roy led Abe up the stairs to a laboratory room.
Still wearing the transponder he lay Abe onto what looked like a psychiatrists couch.

Please take this, said Roy and handed him a pill the size of a lozenge, with a cup of water to wash it down.
Abe took the DMT….

Lie back, relax, close your eyes and count back from 10 to 1 …… Relax and enjoy….Roy’s voice faded in the distance

Abe felt reality……melt.
Falling Away to weightlessness
Abe was floating
In the air…
In the ocean
Surrounded by Whales
Sea gave way to sky
Skies of the purest blue
Hues of blue
Dark to light
Light blue
To pale watercolour blue
Blue blush to creamy white
White to brilliant white
To dazzling light
To starlight
Nuclear white
Calling Abe
Abe now
Hurtling headlong
Down a tunnel of brilliant light
A screaming cacophony of sonic air-filled his ears
Spinning Super hypersonic speeds
By Drones
Huge Bee like insects
Like fighter jet planes
Accompanying him into their air space
White white white
Suddenly …white
bursts into kaleidoscopic colour
Flying in
over the hive
All eyes turn skyward
Abe feels the colony welcoming him
Abe feels
Pure un bounding love
He flies
Deeper into the hive
Deeper and deeper
Deeper into the Love
His spiritual body
Starts to unravel
Organs down to cells down to atoms
Down to a single helix of DNA
Standing now
In front of the Queen
In awe
In complete connection
To Her Divine consciousness
She splices his DNA
Removing two chromosomes
She manoeuvres around him
So that her stinger
Is hovering above him
In his altered state
Abe feels no fear
Abe feels no pain
Only pure love
She moves her ovipositor into position
She lays two new strands of chromosomes
Into the missing space
The Queen nods
Abe nods in gratitude
Abe feels altered
And at a million miles an hour
Outside of Space and Time
The journey is reversed

He wakes with a jolt
Back in the laboratory
He immediately wants to go back
Far out in the bay he hears the faint squeeeeek and squeal of the Whale
Transponder still on his head translates
Undo the Hurt

Half in this world
Half connected he sees the face of Jim Morrison
Hovering above his bed
“When the music’s over…”
The lyrics swimming in his fuzzy head

“Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection”

I want to hear…..the scream of the butterfly..

Morrison now towering as the Lizard King
Menacingly Screaming…

With your ear down to the ground
We want the world and we want it…
We want the world and we want it…

Abe shivering and sweating sat bolt upright….
Roy handed him a bucket and he was violently sick…

He had now seen pure love, witnessed the violent war of the last four years and still he sees the greed of man still destroying the Earth.

Abe felt ashamed. The words of the Whale still ringing
Undo the hurt.


Part 3

Ears still ringing and the transponder still firmly fixed Abe felt giddy. He tried to rise up from the bed but Roy his valet shouted…
“ Hey slow down Sir….not so fast….you’ve not come back around properly yet”
Abe lay back on the bed.
He sensed something was wrong…..very wrong.
He saw a look of panic in Roy’s eyes….darting to the door and darting back to Abe.
Immediately, in an instant, Abe saw the needle in Roy’s hand. He looked up and saw the bright red warning light flashing silently. The transponder on his head detected a loud Whale shriek far from the bay below…
Immediately Abe found his fingers grasping the quartz prism key from his pocket, firmly in his fist. He brought it speeding up in a wide powerful arc, just as Roy bent over him to administer more drugs. He struck him on the temple with a sickening blow. Felled, Roy tried to stand, but his legs had completely buckled. Falling again, he lost consciousness, in a pool of expanding blood.
Abe, head still spinning, got to his feet and headed to the door. The door flung open and in ran two guards.
Abe was prepared.With an open palm strike he felled the first guard with a chop to the throat. The speed of the strike coupled with the guards momentum shattered the guard’s trachea and he dropped instantly to the floor gasping for breath and clutching his throat. The second guard was swiftly upon him and began to raise his weapon to take aim at Abe.
Abe instinctively grabbed the barrel of the gun and snapped a kick out hard into the guards groin. He let out a guttural groan and folded in half, releasing his grip on the gun. With the guards head now at his waist height Abe brought down the butt of the rifle onto the nape of the guards neck, with a bone cracking crunch. The guard fell to the floor, twitching in convulsing spasms. Abe cast a glance back at the flashing screen on the monitor, the words, genetically modified were flashing in red, on the cursor screen.
Abe knew, if he stayed, he was a dead man.
His throat, dry as a bone, felt constricted with panic.
He removed the transponder from his throbbing head, throwing it down to the floor.
He began to run towards the door of the lighthouse. Outside on the metal walkway, he blended in with the ecstatic crowds making their way back from their own whale experiences.
He knew he couldn’t go back to his hotel room, for the aqua police would be waiting for him.
He scanned the bay, looking for possible escape routes.
He wondered why had he triggered the alarms? Why they felt he was a threat? What the fuck was he going to do now? Why him?
The words of the Whale echoed in his mind
“Battle begins within….
Battle only you can win….”

It seemed to bolster his mettle. He gathered his thoughts together with a steely purpose.
He would, he decided, go down fighting.
The whispering words of the whale were there in the back of his altered mind….

Undo the hurt.

He set off, up the cliff side, towards the shaman village a mile or two inland from the cove. Hopefully, there he might at last find some answers.

He knew he would have to travel fast. Soon the drones would be up looking for him. He had to get answers.
On his climb up the hill, his thoughts began to drift again. He realised that it would be unlikely he would escape the authorities. Prison at best, death at worst. He turned back around to scan the horizon. He saw the whales swimming in the bay below. He saw the sun shining through the drizzle, rainbows forming in arcs.
He thought about his connection, about the hive and about the feeling of pure unadulterated love.
All of a sudden, he was scared no more. He knew love awaited his end and there was nothing to fear but fear itself.
He turned around and headed up the hill with a renewed spring in his step, the warm drizzle hazing his view ahead.
After about two miles of flat fields at the top of the cliffs Abe came across the mud huts of the shaman village. They had set up close to the coast, as they worshipped the whales..
As he headed towards the village a big black barking dog came woofing over giving away his real intentions with his wagging tail.
Abe headed into the village. He was quickly met by a very sturdy man who came over to speak to him…
“Hello…I am Cal….we have been waiting for you….come quickly ….time is short.
Cal was thick-set and looked like a Romany type gypsy.
He greeted Abe. Abe was so pleased that he spoke English.
Cal hurried Abe over to one of the huts at the end of the row.

In the round mud hut there were around twenty or so people sitting around a centre fire. There was a gloomy orange glow and the flickering orange flames danced shadows of the dark earthen walls. There was a heady smokey atmosphere as all the people sat in silence. Abe felt a little uneasy. As his eyes acclimatised to the gloomy umber glow he began to focus in on faces. There were women, children and adults all sitting in a circle. At the head of the circle was the shaman. Cal walked Abe around and sat him down next to the sage.
In front of the old man was a pot of boiling plant material giving off a bitter pungent aroma. Abe guessed that this was ayahuasca a native plant to this part of the world and rich in DMT.
The old man took Abe’s hand….his eyes rolled white in his eyes.
He let off a chant…the whole circle repeating the words in unison.
All the people now bowed to Abe.
Abe looked at Cal for answers, he bowed too.
The old man began a slow mantra.
With every word he could physically feel the adoration in the room growing and growing.
Please…said Abe…I don’t understand, what is he saying
Cal said, I will translate..

Mother Queen says you are He
Reconciler of Heaven and Earth,
The bridge of love.
Mother Queen…She has blessed You,
Reconfigured your DNA with loves intervention.
Your heart is pure to carry the code.
Love now runs in your veins.
Look to your heart…the path lies there.
You know what to do to undo the hurt.

The old mans eyes came back into his head just as the deafening whine of the trapper drones filled the air.
Search lights zip zagged in the night sky. Abe knew if he stayed here they would send the arrest bots and everyone here would be at risk.
Cal, sensing they were all in danger led Abe to a trap door at the back of the hut. In the hole was a small tram like trolley. Cal gestured to Abe to lie on it face down. Cal gave Abe a jewel encrusted dagger. It was beautiful, obviously worth a lot of money, and razor-sharp. Abe was just about to protest when Cal leaned over, showed Abe the brake, released it, and Abe began to trundle off into the darkness. The trolley began to pick up pace in the darkness. Faster and faster. The path through the tunnel was winding twisting and turning , left and right at breakneck speeds reminding Abe of the luge event at the Winter Olympics. The journey was in complete darkness. Abe had no idea what was ahead. All of a sudden Abe literally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He reached for the break but he was travelling so fast it was too late. As he hit the light he was airborne. He felt the cold of the night and the drizzle hit his lungs.
In the moonlight he could see a large body of water about five feet below him. He hit the water hard, and immediately gasped at its freezing cold temperature. He began swimming the short distance to the shore. He crawled out onto the bank of the reservoir, teeth chattering, shivering all over.
Lying on his back, looking up at the stars he began to think of the words of the shaman.

You know what to do….undo the hurt?

He didn’t, not a clue.
He got to his feet and followed the path of the water down the valley.

He could see in the moonlight the cliff top in front of him.
All of a sudden he heard the whine of the drones and their search lights lit up the night sky.

He began to run but there was no cover.
As he ran faster, the drone honed in on him. He felt it hovering above him, the blinding lights hurting his eves.
The drone swooped down and its mechanical arms gripped around his waist.With the hiss of hydraulics he felt its clutch tighten. He was swooped up into the air up and out over the bay. He knew in his heart of hearts he was a dead man. He felt the daggers hilt in his waistband. He saw the silvery light of the moon reflected in the waters below. He pulled out the dagger and cut through the hydraulic pipe to the mechanical claw.
There was a squirt of hot oily fluid and a loud pssssssssss. He felt the grip of the right hand arm loosening. He knew if he wriggled to is right into the space he had created that the left hand grip couldn’t hold him alone. He knew by doing this he would fall the hundred plus foot into the bay below.
He fell.
As he smacked hard into the ice-cold water he knew.
This was it.
There was no escaping this.
He had no fear.
He took the dagger, ceremoniously to his throat.
Smiling, he ran the razor-sharp blade across his carotid artery. Blood oozed out of his wound into the water.
He closed his eyes just as Mother Queen welcomed him into her six outstretched arms.
Smiling , he knew, he had undone the hurt.
Krill began feeding in the fresh blood. Fish began eating the krill. Bigger fish began eating the smaller fish.
Abe’s genetics were seeding the ocean. The modified chromosomes were not broken down on digestion. They became concentrated and expanded exponentially.
Within 50 years the ocean was filled with pure love.
Within 100 years a silent revolution had occurred. Governments had become one government and one agenda, to make a harmonious reconciliation with Mother Nature.
Within 200 years the planet was healed, filled with pure all-encompassing love.
The Reconciliation had occurred.


Original written work of Tony Norton  


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Courting The Devil


Heart racing in furious beat, sweat glistening on her forehead, in a moment of weakness as her heart wilted inside. Lifting her head slowly to the crimson splattered room, the tears began to roll down her checks in waves. In an instant her skin had fallen cold as she heaved in disgust and horror at the scene that unfolded before her.
Internally trembling as her center was removed and flowed through retching sobs, hitting in the floor in patters. Would she have the ability to recover from this unexpected terror that ripped her soul apart. Is there life after love.

These were the questions that would eventually hit her like the slap of cold steel across her face. Unable to hold his head, the tremendous hole left gaping, skin and matter melded into a thick and sticky goo. His blue crystal eyes now lifeless as his head laid back and his shoulders slumped. The girl fell to the floor in an unspoken, non existent thud, wrapping her arms around her knees, broken. Unable to take the pain, eventually shutting down and taking leave of her senses as she rocked herself into a deep dark chasm of unknown emptiness.


She woke in darkness to a panicked screaming “NO NO NO”. It was emanating from her as she was running in circles. Stopped in her tracks by a silvery, smooth, deep voice addressing her “Don’t cry, there is nothing that your tears can purchase here my dear.” She felt the pressure and heat of his large hand on her shoulder, the singe of pain as it melted her skin. Her flesh crawling she fell to her knees, not noticing that as she hit the tarry ground the skin instantly melted away from her knees. His grasp never left her shoulder as he proceeded around until he was in front of her. His pointy finger nail ran across her cheek and sliced her skin like a razor, she was no longer able to cry.

Peering up into a face that was all too familiar with it’s blazing eyes and flesh of flaked armour, his sinister smile broke just then into a blood curdling laugh that shook the entire chasm. In that moment she saw around her all the many temptations she had triumphed over and remained grounded from. The garnet glow illuminating the charred rugged room gave her spectral visual orgasm as the snarling demon pierced her chest.

ripped out heart

His snarling growl echoed as the other, once human forms in their dismal eternal existence indulged in their sinful serenity, her heart still beating in his hand. Still squirting life giving substance covering his hand and splattering over her as she knelt there. Her eyes held disbelief and an unexpected emotion. The demons snarl quieted if only for a moment as he saw it deep in her green eyes. Something that he had not seen often. Her red hair cascading over her face almost made it seem a flicker of the last of her life as it drained, no this was something more. As she gazed at the hellish fiend, aware that she should have cease to exist minutes ago. It was a refusal from deep within her, not familiar with how this felt. She began to rise, the wound in her chest, where now only a glowing welt remained.  The organ that should have been there, charred in the hands of the hellion, cease to beat. Her insides trembled as she stood, facing her crimson heathen, whose snarl was now a true growling tangle of spear sharp daggers, spittle escaping down his elongated chin. She rose, no heartbeat driving her. She only tilted her head in wonder and terror as she looked with starry eyes into the engrossing red orbs of his.

Black eyes

A flash of ruby red to her left caught her attention. She turned to see a sight that should have signed her right to expire right then, yet no tears came. She saw herself embraced in the arms of her lover. his hands ran through her hair, they kissed and smiled at each other. The sorrow at the vision that she was seeing should have ached terribly. Instead she turned to the demon, a welling drive pushing her, a soft voice in her head urging her “stand now”.

Her feet waned and she swayed on them as she met this cruel crimson stare. “NO. You demonic fool. I resign nothing to you. Have my heart for it no longer matters as you already deemed destruction of it when you claimed my man. Lest you forgot a little piece of every human puzzle. No matter how tragic the wreckage may be, there is this thing called will. You took my heart, you had my soul, you removed my center and now I look at you in this pit and stare into your glazed eyes, I will go on. The one thing that you can not have control over is the strength of ones will.”


The Devil looked at her and the growl became a sinister smile. Reaching for her face he drew her near, uttering these words “You are mine, I will come again little one, I will come again and in time your so called will shall certainly wane and writher, you are weak.” As she faced him she gathered her strength as his hand covered her glowing welted chest and she crumbled to the ground.

Sometime had passed as she walked down the sidewalk, rain began fall softly, caressing her in a cool cascade. The man that was walking toward her wearing a black duster, she noticed but really hadn’t put thought into it. They exchanged smiles as they passed. She stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him as she realized that knew that smile of sharp tangled daggers. The man continued to walk away from her.

scary as fuk

She sat in the restaurant as her date for the evening slide into his chair across from her. The candles glow casting a warm glow on his face, his blue eyes allowing her heart to melt just a little as he smiled at her, he was beautiful. The man in the duster came in without haste, traversed from the door to the table as if he was floating. He came right to their table. Tilting his head at the red headed woman and snarled there was a loud scream as the newcomer pulled a large sharp knife from his duster and razed it’s shiny blade across her jugular. Her green eyes locked on her date. She was alert just long enough to see the sharp knife enter the center of her lovers throat.

throat slit

The newcomer smiled, bared his tangled snarly daggers and he laughed wildly as she hunched over, eyes empty.

Feel the pulsing beat in each and every pore. You clipped my wings so I am unable to sore, elusive thing
A heart pumping even as it’s wilted decay embraces me.
Where does strength lie, when the soul tarnished and weeping, screams.
How does the strength remain to open piercing eyes with the waking sun.
Where does the strength come from.
Do you love once and never again. Does the heart keep that impression and let emptiness seep in.
Do the dreams, faded and shattered ever have a chance to live.
How is there strength to lift another,
Give without want, with emptiness returned.
Do tears fall in silence, unnoticed, do they accumulate in a realm away for a another day.
Does truth walk away, are lies all that remain.
Is a soul always stained by love shattered in pain
Is hope the nightmare that reigns
is there strength in arms that embrace
Is all that remains of love and empty space.

Bleeding heart

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