Challenge Yourself Group Work – You by Tony Norton


Sweet Sunshine
Its hot soothing caresses
On My glad face
The Sunshine Seeps Stomach Deep
Blue Lapping Ocean
Calming Lullaby
My Minds Eye
Lovingly Capturing
A Photographic Still

A Snapshot of
Eternity is You


(At the CENTRE of it All)

Eternity is You
A Snapshot of
A Photograph Still
Lovingly Capturing
My Minds Eye
Calming Lullaby
Blue Lapping Ocean
The Sunshine Seeps Stomach Deep
On My glad face
It’s hot soothing caresses
Sweet Sunshine

….and around and around and around we go
for You and I both know
Love is Always the Answer


Original written work by Tony Norton aka @iwilltwittowho


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Mayfly Meteorite by Tony Norton


Our eyes they meet and all the lying ends
Listen to fate and the signals that She sends
We’ve just met – but feel the Deja vu,
I’ve been right here a million times before with you

Don’t fight the feelings- don’t even try?
Cast your eyes up to the sky
Let’s join together – touch the night,
You know it feels so right
We are Mayfly Meteorites
Let our love ignite the night
Like Mayfly Meteorites

Forget tomorrow forever’s here with me
Ours souls they roll- fixed eternity
No – if -what – where -why or how,
Love is here – Love is right now

Let’s join together – embrace the night
Like Mayfly Meteorites
Don’t let me go –please hold me tight
We shine so bright like Mayfly Meteorites
Come the morning light
I’ll leave with the night
Like a Mayfly Meteorite


Original Written work by Tony Norton aka @iwilltwittowho


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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Blue Requiem by Tony Norton


Towering skyscrapers
swaying on graphene pontoons
bob on ebbing nodding tides.
Grey, It had been raining constantly for the 4 years since they built the flotillas.
Built after the great flood
Built after the global war.
Colossal Mountain ranges were now at sea level.
Massive holes had been punched
in the ozone layer and raw radiation seeped in through the atmosphere.
Critically any hyper exposure to the now searing sun could and often did prove fatal.
The world was searing hot with water everywhere.
An incredible increased level of technology
Has now enabled man an ability to make a conscious connection with the Whales of the Seas.
Shamefully the Whales showed humanity what it had done to the planet and highlighted the error of its ways. The Whales had brought forth the connection of the human soul.
They had awoken again the long-lost ability to make spiritual connections.
Hundreds of generations of lost unfulfilled souls now had missed lifetimes of revelatory catching up to do.
By re energising exercises on the pineal gland The Whales became the shaman to human spiritual enlightenment. New age prophets ushering in the golden age of duality.
Many followers began worshipping the Whales.
Hundreds of buzzing hover taxis ferried the herds
of Devotees from flotillas to the hypersonic hydrofoils waiting to jet the off for their aqua sonic inter continental pilgrimages to the Whale bed temples.
A global Aqua police force were formed to keep law and order in this New World of Water.
Hydrogen had become the fuel of choice which was in abundance and extracted from the water in extraction plants. Huge blue oxygen bubbles, a by-product of the chemical process were released constantly into the atmosphere like huge hot air balloons floating up in the blue horizons.
Blue sea, blue sky, blue planet.


Abe had been lucky to only witness the last year of the war. He had worked in munitions until the melting of the poles brought about the great flood and an abrupt end to the war. In biblical proportions countries were flooded and drowned. Eighty percent of the world now lay under water. Humans fled to the mountains but they became impossibly crowded. That’s when the global corporations joined and formed the Aqua Alliance and started building their floating cities.

War had brought about much change. Connection with the Whales brought about duality between form and spirit.
Body and One.. whole..
The new mantra for the new age.
It became the obsession…to find yourself.
Firstly there were only a few who perfected astral travel. Out of body experience where a person was able to reconnect with the ultimate consciousness. At first only painfully committed meditation could achieve the desired state.
Gurus came back with tales of wonder and an insight into the fabulous potential of connection.
They were examined in laboratory conditions, alpha brain waves monitored and they could be seen spiking off the monitoring chart.
Tests revealed that in the catatonic state the levels of the hormone DMT in the travellers blood were seen to be through the roof. Scientists quickly worked out the heightened state could be achieved by administering the drug DMT. The problem was this. The amount of DMT required, if administered directly into the blood stream caused aneurysms and heart attacks.
Swallowed, it caused nausea and vomiting but worked much better. Then the breakthrough …if it was mixed with a specific, organic substance, one that was biodegradable and kind to the human gut it worked fantastically . That substance was ambergris – whale vomit – the Holy Grail. Ambergris is solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish colour produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. It was often found with squid beaks in it, hinting that it was used as a lubricator to aid the Whales digestion.
Mixing DMT with ambergris formed the perfect pellet They seemed to perfectly compliment each other. A marriage literally born in the waves of heaven.
Astral projection now became available to the masses.
Enlightenment brought again as a by-product of the interaction with the Whales.

Abe had been in awe of the Whales since the revelation at the end of the war. He had heard of the pilgrimages to the Whales beds and the connections, and the stories of wonder and the sessions of pure love. He had studied them. He had saved up his global currency credits (GCC’s) with a view to making the pilgrimage to the Whale beds and to enlightenment.


The day of his trip had arrived.

Abe at twenty-eight was one of the lucky ones. Many generations of his age group had either been killed or maimed in the global war. He had worked in the graphene factory since the end of the war and lived frugally. He had a modest apartment on the 121st floor of a flotilla apartment. He particularly enjoyed reading books, particularly the classics. He was currently reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and found it eerily close to the modern truth. Indeed an epsilon he, longed to join the pilgrimage to the Temples of the Whales on the Southern tip of the Americas, which was now Uruguay as Argentina was drowned.
Today was the day….four years saving…it had finally arrived.

He put on a baseball cap as his thinning mousey brown hair was no match for the searing sun.
Nervously he climbed aboard the water taxi, which ferried him to the floating quayside where the Hydrofoil was moored.
He was nervous, excited, anxious and apprehensive all in one go. Four seasons in one day he thought. He had booked two weeks off from work and couldn’t wait to escape.

The water taxi silently moved through the choppy water with two others on board. The unforgiving sun shone cruelly in the balmy salty atmosphere.
The air was charged with expectations.

The taxi pulled up and moored at the quayside.
The three travellers disembarked and headed to the Ocean Control office to check in. Papers in order the shuffled along to the departure lounge. There were three armed Aqua police officers standing guard but the atmosphere was one of excited expectations. The was the familiar babble of crowds and the buzz of excited conversation filled the departure lounge. All the pilgrims were dressed in the blue garb of ocean worship, Abe included. Most of the pilgrims were older wanting the absolution of connection before passing across. Abe, on the other hand felt he was answering a calling.

All boarded and settled into their travel pods the hydrofoil’s hydrogen engines whistled into life. Abe felt the ship raising up above the waves as the hum of the electromagnets droned into life. He set the Pod clock to 15 hrs and a little pill popped out of the dispensing draw at the bottom. Pill popped he drifted off to sleep.
He began to dream…


Creeping… Fever ….Virus…Hot …Salt…. Sweat
Eyes Burning…Head Bursting
Blue..So So Much..Blue..
Waves of Nausea
Waves of Water
Over Abe’s Minds Eye
Opening Wide
Seeing All
Ears Burning
Tearing Tinnitus
Din of Delirium
Piercing Painful Prophetic Crys
Haunting Squeals of a Whale
Leviathan of Dynamic Proportions
Appears to Abe
Shivering in his Altered State
He is afraid of Him
He know’s He is the Truth
Wants to look away

Abe knows he is to blame….

Cold Cold Ocean
Greys and Blues and Blacks
And back to Greys
Clicks and howwwwwwwwls
Squeeeeeeeeeks and waiiiiils
Cochlear Assault
Pure Pain

He is to blame…

As Clear as day
Images blue burst to life
Resonating in Abe’s Minds Eye
Every Shade of the Bluest of Blue
Every Shade of Sadness
Every Feeling that Blue Can Bring

Shamefully Abe is to blame

Sweet Shoals of Plankton
Soured -Septic
Cracks in the Crust of Ocean Floor
Splitting Atoms
Invoking Earthquakes
Man Playing for Power
Man Playing God
God blames Man
In Biblical Proportions

Abe is to blame

Fetid Fukishima Fish Floating as Flotsam
Deep Dark Dead Seas
Deep Dark Depths of Despair
He wants to wake
Hypnotically the Whale Holds Him tranced
Holds The Vista
Sea Sick
Nautical Nausea
So much PAIN
He wants to wake

He knows he is firmly to blame

Shows Him All
Shows Abe Despair
Salt Sea
So Saline from a Million Crying Tears

Family’s of Whales
Swimming Suicidally Hard
Onto Bone Yard Beaches
Young Calves Carcasses
Out for Cackling Cawing Carrion
Abe cries out….
“I want to wake
I’m So So Sorry
Let Me WAKE”

Finally Feverishly Fever
Whale Wails Pitifully
Abe realises
Pity is
For Him
Blinks a Tearful Gaze
Nods his Huge Head
Swims off
Into the Blue Blue Yonder
Swims Away
Hope Swims with Him

Abe wakes
With a fearful dread
He carries the blame

The hydrofoil’s hydrogen engine came to a whining stop and in his semi awakened state he felt the ship slowing down, coming to its destination. He felt very vulnerable after his nightmare and apprehensive about the visit to come, when he would go face to face with the real Whales…ones that could read his fragile mind.

ocean whales drawn skies the sky 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_26

Part 2

As he shuffled down off the hydrofoil down the metallic gangway a booming message came over the tannoy…
“Please respect this Holy place…
could you please maintain a silence on the monorail journey to your hotel”

As he left the metal scanner and the heavily armed Aqua police he wondered to himself why in such a holy place there was the need for guards?Then he remembered he was human, and what humans had already done and what they are capable of.
A big red neon sign flashed
Silence Please
With a heavy sigh he boarded the monorail. The monorail took a vertical right angle to the harbour area and climbed steeply upwards at a slow steady pace. As it climbed higher and higher up the grassy cliff face Abe felt his ears pop. Rain trickled back down the window at wavering forty-five degree angles in opposite direction to the cars journey. A nagging seed of doubt came to Abe…he put the nausea down to the travel pill and being tired. He felt…..sad?
As the monorail levelled at the cliff top it seemed to then defy gravity and the track, actually suspended in the air, went out across the bay.
The view was breathtaking.
Although commercialised, the bay below was stunning. Pods of humpback whales frolicked in the especially dug out cove. About five miles in circumference, dug out of the shale bedrock, it was was a deep chlorine green coloured harbour. There were especially manufactured groins stretching out to sea which were strategically interspersed by small lighthouses with huge whale docking ports underneath them.
Abe immediately knew in his heart he was indeed at the right place.
The monorail came back over the other side of the grassy cliff again and headed downwards to his impressive looking futuristic hotel.
Abe checked in, picked up his bags from the carousel and headed for his room. Tomorrow would be the best day of his life but tonight he was too tired to even contemplate it. Getting into his room without unpacking, he literally crawled into the bed and drifted off into a deep deep uninterrupted sleep.

He woke, early, excited, nervous, anxious. Went to breakfast, still no words spoken.
He Ate his dry toast heartily but there wasn’t butter as there was a “strictly no dairy” sign as this interfered with the ambergris and DMT ingestion.
Meeting at reception with all the others, he was handed a booklet. Still no words. He was also given a prism quartz key, with docking bay 7.
That was to be his pod…destiny had spoken.
Another monorail from the hotel to the quayside and then on to the travellator out along the groine to pod lighthouse 7. The rest of the travellers had gleeful looks on their faces but still, no words were spoken.
He entered the lighthouse and was instructed in sign language to sit in the waiting area and read the instructions.
He sat, and waited, and waited. One hour passed. He began to feel nervous again. Anxious. He wondered had they forgotten him. Should he go and find someone. He decided to wait and just enjoy the peace and quiet it afforded him. As soon as he relaxed the door opened and a small bald man entered the room. It said Roy on his badge.
In hushed tones he introduced himself.
Hello Abe… I am Roy…I am your valet…welcome to Cathedral Bay… I will be assisting your connection to the Whales and subsequent journey to consciousness, should the Whales deem you worthy”

The balding boffin led the way down a series of metal steps which looked like a Bond villains lair. He placed a metal scull cap onto Abe’s head and led him to sit on what looked like a lifeguards chair. The chair was on hydraulics and began moving out over the water. Abe was now, strapped in and in a horizontal position laying down facing the water. The next thing a huge bell chimed across the whole of the bay and the glass doors of all the lighthouses opened.

In swam the leviathan. He was enormous. Barely fitting in the hanger. He swam straight over to Abe. Abe was scared…staring straight into his huge Whale eye.
His leathery grey skin was gnarly wrinkled and encrusted with barnacles.
Whale let out a guttural growl.
All of a sudden….Abe understood.
The transponder on his head translated….he was communicating with a Whale….
Why You Here!!…boomed the question?
Abe was so so scared…
For answers…said Abe…
The Whale let out a piercing sqeeeeeak…
Answers” You already have…was the translation.
Another squeal…
Battle begins within….
Battle only you can win….
A loud wailing sigh…
Transponder translates
Pure Proceed…
Whale blinks his huge eye at Abe and swims off….
Leaving a bemused Abe in his foamy wake.
It was over….so so quickly.

Abe was slowly dragged back to the vertical and back to the walkway by hissing pneumatics.

Roy unstrapped him….

Well how was it….? Asked Roy.

Terrifying…said Abe…
Exhilarating and Terrifying….he said now laughing hysterically.

Well said Roy, that was the boring part…. smiling …

Now for the real fun…

Roy led Abe up the stairs to a laboratory room.
Still wearing the transponder he lay Abe onto what looked like a psychiatrists couch.

Please take this, said Roy and handed him a pill the size of a lozenge, with a cup of water to wash it down.
Abe took the DMT….

Lie back, relax, close your eyes and count back from 10 to 1 …… Relax and enjoy….Roy’s voice faded in the distance

Abe felt reality……melt.
Falling Away to weightlessness
Abe was floating
In the air…
In the ocean
Surrounded by Whales
Sea gave way to sky
Skies of the purest blue
Hues of blue
Dark to light
Light blue
To pale watercolour blue
Blue blush to creamy white
White to brilliant white
To dazzling light
To starlight
Nuclear white
Calling Abe
Abe now
Hurtling headlong
Down a tunnel of brilliant light
A screaming cacophony of sonic air-filled his ears
Spinning Super hypersonic speeds
By Drones
Huge Bee like insects
Like fighter jet planes
Accompanying him into their air space
White white white
Suddenly …white
bursts into kaleidoscopic colour
Flying in
over the hive
All eyes turn skyward
Abe feels the colony welcoming him
Abe feels
Pure un bounding love
He flies
Deeper into the hive
Deeper and deeper
Deeper into the Love
His spiritual body
Starts to unravel
Organs down to cells down to atoms
Down to a single helix of DNA
Standing now
In front of the Queen
In awe
In complete connection
To Her Divine consciousness
She splices his DNA
Removing two chromosomes
She manoeuvres around him
So that her stinger
Is hovering above him
In his altered state
Abe feels no fear
Abe feels no pain
Only pure love
She moves her ovipositor into position
She lays two new strands of chromosomes
Into the missing space
The Queen nods
Abe nods in gratitude
Abe feels altered
And at a million miles an hour
Outside of Space and Time
The journey is reversed

He wakes with a jolt
Back in the laboratory
He immediately wants to go back
Far out in the bay he hears the faint squeeeeek and squeal of the Whale
Transponder still on his head translates
Undo the Hurt

Half in this world
Half connected he sees the face of Jim Morrison
Hovering above his bed
“When the music’s over…”
The lyrics swimming in his fuzzy head

“Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection”

I want to hear…..the scream of the butterfly..

Morrison now towering as the Lizard King
Menacingly Screaming…

With your ear down to the ground
We want the world and we want it…
We want the world and we want it…

Abe shivering and sweating sat bolt upright….
Roy handed him a bucket and he was violently sick…

He had now seen pure love, witnessed the violent war of the last four years and still he sees the greed of man still destroying the Earth.

Abe felt ashamed. The words of the Whale still ringing
Undo the hurt.


Part 3

Ears still ringing and the transponder still firmly fixed Abe felt giddy. He tried to rise up from the bed but Roy his valet shouted…
“ Hey slow down Sir….not so fast….you’ve not come back around properly yet”
Abe lay back on the bed.
He sensed something was wrong…..very wrong.
He saw a look of panic in Roy’s eyes….darting to the door and darting back to Abe.
Immediately, in an instant, Abe saw the needle in Roy’s hand. He looked up and saw the bright red warning light flashing silently. The transponder on his head detected a loud Whale shriek far from the bay below…
Immediately Abe found his fingers grasping the quartz prism key from his pocket, firmly in his fist. He brought it speeding up in a wide powerful arc, just as Roy bent over him to administer more drugs. He struck him on the temple with a sickening blow. Felled, Roy tried to stand, but his legs had completely buckled. Falling again, he lost consciousness, in a pool of expanding blood.
Abe, head still spinning, got to his feet and headed to the door. The door flung open and in ran two guards.
Abe was prepared.With an open palm strike he felled the first guard with a chop to the throat. The speed of the strike coupled with the guards momentum shattered the guard’s trachea and he dropped instantly to the floor gasping for breath and clutching his throat. The second guard was swiftly upon him and began to raise his weapon to take aim at Abe.
Abe instinctively grabbed the barrel of the gun and snapped a kick out hard into the guards groin. He let out a guttural groan and folded in half, releasing his grip on the gun. With the guards head now at his waist height Abe brought down the butt of the rifle onto the nape of the guards neck, with a bone cracking crunch. The guard fell to the floor, twitching in convulsing spasms. Abe cast a glance back at the flashing screen on the monitor, the words, genetically modified were flashing in red, on the cursor screen.
Abe knew, if he stayed, he was a dead man.
His throat, dry as a bone, felt constricted with panic.
He removed the transponder from his throbbing head, throwing it down to the floor.
He began to run towards the door of the lighthouse. Outside on the metal walkway, he blended in with the ecstatic crowds making their way back from their own whale experiences.
He knew he couldn’t go back to his hotel room, for the aqua police would be waiting for him.
He scanned the bay, looking for possible escape routes.
He wondered why had he triggered the alarms? Why they felt he was a threat? What the fuck was he going to do now? Why him?
The words of the Whale echoed in his mind
“Battle begins within….
Battle only you can win….”

It seemed to bolster his mettle. He gathered his thoughts together with a steely purpose.
He would, he decided, go down fighting.
The whispering words of the whale were there in the back of his altered mind….

Undo the hurt.

He set off, up the cliff side, towards the shaman village a mile or two inland from the cove. Hopefully, there he might at last find some answers.

He knew he would have to travel fast. Soon the drones would be up looking for him. He had to get answers.
On his climb up the hill, his thoughts began to drift again. He realised that it would be unlikely he would escape the authorities. Prison at best, death at worst. He turned back around to scan the horizon. He saw the whales swimming in the bay below. He saw the sun shining through the drizzle, rainbows forming in arcs.
He thought about his connection, about the hive and about the feeling of pure unadulterated love.
All of a sudden, he was scared no more. He knew love awaited his end and there was nothing to fear but fear itself.
He turned around and headed up the hill with a renewed spring in his step, the warm drizzle hazing his view ahead.
After about two miles of flat fields at the top of the cliffs Abe came across the mud huts of the shaman village. They had set up close to the coast, as they worshipped the whales..
As he headed towards the village a big black barking dog came woofing over giving away his real intentions with his wagging tail.
Abe headed into the village. He was quickly met by a very sturdy man who came over to speak to him…
“Hello…I am Cal….we have been waiting for you….come quickly ….time is short.
Cal was thick-set and looked like a Romany type gypsy.
He greeted Abe. Abe was so pleased that he spoke English.
Cal hurried Abe over to one of the huts at the end of the row.

In the round mud hut there were around twenty or so people sitting around a centre fire. There was a gloomy orange glow and the flickering orange flames danced shadows of the dark earthen walls. There was a heady smokey atmosphere as all the people sat in silence. Abe felt a little uneasy. As his eyes acclimatised to the gloomy umber glow he began to focus in on faces. There were women, children and adults all sitting in a circle. At the head of the circle was the shaman. Cal walked Abe around and sat him down next to the sage.
In front of the old man was a pot of boiling plant material giving off a bitter pungent aroma. Abe guessed that this was ayahuasca a native plant to this part of the world and rich in DMT.
The old man took Abe’s hand….his eyes rolled white in his eyes.
He let off a chant…the whole circle repeating the words in unison.
All the people now bowed to Abe.
Abe looked at Cal for answers, he bowed too.
The old man began a slow mantra.
With every word he could physically feel the adoration in the room growing and growing.
Please…said Abe…I don’t understand, what is he saying
Cal said, I will translate..

Mother Queen says you are He
Reconciler of Heaven and Earth,
The bridge of love.
Mother Queen…She has blessed You,
Reconfigured your DNA with loves intervention.
Your heart is pure to carry the code.
Love now runs in your veins.
Look to your heart…the path lies there.
You know what to do to undo the hurt.

The old mans eyes came back into his head just as the deafening whine of the trapper drones filled the air.
Search lights zip zagged in the night sky. Abe knew if he stayed here they would send the arrest bots and everyone here would be at risk.
Cal, sensing they were all in danger led Abe to a trap door at the back of the hut. In the hole was a small tram like trolley. Cal gestured to Abe to lie on it face down. Cal gave Abe a jewel encrusted dagger. It was beautiful, obviously worth a lot of money, and razor-sharp. Abe was just about to protest when Cal leaned over, showed Abe the brake, released it, and Abe began to trundle off into the darkness. The trolley began to pick up pace in the darkness. Faster and faster. The path through the tunnel was winding twisting and turning , left and right at breakneck speeds reminding Abe of the luge event at the Winter Olympics. The journey was in complete darkness. Abe had no idea what was ahead. All of a sudden Abe literally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He reached for the break but he was travelling so fast it was too late. As he hit the light he was airborne. He felt the cold of the night and the drizzle hit his lungs.
In the moonlight he could see a large body of water about five feet below him. He hit the water hard, and immediately gasped at its freezing cold temperature. He began swimming the short distance to the shore. He crawled out onto the bank of the reservoir, teeth chattering, shivering all over.
Lying on his back, looking up at the stars he began to think of the words of the shaman.

You know what to do….undo the hurt?

He didn’t, not a clue.
He got to his feet and followed the path of the water down the valley.

He could see in the moonlight the cliff top in front of him.
All of a sudden he heard the whine of the drones and their search lights lit up the night sky.

He began to run but there was no cover.
As he ran faster, the drone honed in on him. He felt it hovering above him, the blinding lights hurting his eves.
The drone swooped down and its mechanical arms gripped around his waist.With the hiss of hydraulics he felt its clutch tighten. He was swooped up into the air up and out over the bay. He knew in his heart of hearts he was a dead man. He felt the daggers hilt in his waistband. He saw the silvery light of the moon reflected in the waters below. He pulled out the dagger and cut through the hydraulic pipe to the mechanical claw.
There was a squirt of hot oily fluid and a loud pssssssssss. He felt the grip of the right hand arm loosening. He knew if he wriggled to is right into the space he had created that the left hand grip couldn’t hold him alone. He knew by doing this he would fall the hundred plus foot into the bay below.
He fell.
As he smacked hard into the ice-cold water he knew.
This was it.
There was no escaping this.
He had no fear.
He took the dagger, ceremoniously to his throat.
Smiling, he ran the razor-sharp blade across his carotid artery. Blood oozed out of his wound into the water.
He closed his eyes just as Mother Queen welcomed him into her six outstretched arms.
Smiling , he knew, he had undone the hurt.
Krill began feeding in the fresh blood. Fish began eating the krill. Bigger fish began eating the smaller fish.
Abe’s genetics were seeding the ocean. The modified chromosomes were not broken down on digestion. They became concentrated and expanded exponentially.
Within 50 years the ocean was filled with pure love.
Within 100 years a silent revolution had occurred. Governments had become one government and one agenda, to make a harmonious reconciliation with Mother Nature.
Within 200 years the planet was healed, filled with pure all-encompassing love.
The Reconciliation had occurred.


Original written work of Tony Norton  


Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

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I hold no ownership to any image used unless otherwise stated**

Together Forever by Tony Norton


Your Cruel kiss
Told Me it was Over
A Stinging Single Barb of Indifference
Inducing a tinnitus of
Wringing Mental Anguish
Of Vehement Preaching Denial
Not daring…not wanting to believe..
Not accepting
Us …Halved
In Darkness
Fog Cloud of Doubt
Comes Creeping over My Fragile Mind
Every thought Occupied … by You
Intoxicated by the absence of You…
In Dreams..
I peer into Your hollow eyes
In nightmares so real
Devoid of feelings
Feelings once abundant
Once Teeming with love
Love once in the light.
No longer there…
Without You
Lonely and Dark
Selfishly I knew…
You had all but gone…
And then the Voice…
The Voice of Green Eyed Love
Told Me
It told Me that something as beautiful as You
Could not be given away
I could not lose You
I prayed…..
I prayed …that there was another way…
That I could make You Love Me again under the Sun
But the Voice
It Knew the truth
The Voice
Calm, collected, reasoning gave me all the variables, all the possible algorithms.
Always Arriving at the same Conclusion
In Emerald Hues
You were mine to take in shades of Green.


So my Dearest Darling, know this.
No one could love You like I loved You.
Like I love You
Now on this Samhain Eve, I bear witness to fates path.
I am here to do the bidding of True Love’s Voice.
It tells me, We should be… together
I cannot be this world without You
You are the air I breath
The flooding blood in my veins, the hope in my soul.
Hopeless without You.
On this Samhain, Your Swan like neck I do cut.
Jugular and Carotid, left and right,
You and Me – We are meant to be
I want our Crimson Tide Passage to be swift.
I’ll meet You on the other side.
Now at this Witching Hour the time is Liminal
We are both just a few heartbeats away from Eternity
From Eternal Love
I Love You


Original written poetry by Tony Norton

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015

Protected by The Freewill Writers Asylum Vaults since 2015